Fohr Influencers: All About Free Fohr Influencer Profiles

January 18, 2022
Updated Sep 18, 2023

Creating a Fohr profile takes less than 5 minutes, is entirely free, and includes perks like access to Fohr’s tools—Press Kits, Content Search, Follower Testimonials, and more. Every feature within Fohr is designed to help influencers of all following sizes understand and grow their audiences and become discoverable by brands who use our platform to run their influencer and ambassador marketing campaigns.

If you are an influencer and don’t have an existing Fohr profile, you can create one using this link.

How do I create a free Fohr profile?

Simply sign up here, create an account, connect your social accounts, and complete your profile information. It’s that simple.

Who can create a free Fohr profile?

Anyone can create a free Fohr profile — whether you have ten followers or 10 million.

What tools come with a Fohr profile? 

Influencer Profiles

Profiles are the foundation of Fohr’s influencer tools. When you create a profile and connect at least one social account, brands can discover your content via Fohr’s influencer search tool. 

As an influencer, you can use profiles to analyze what resonates with their audiences and adjust content accordingly. Review your profile stats and content analysis to track metrics, including Average Reach, Most Engaged Posts, Sponsored Content Percentage, and more. 

Press Kits

Once you create a profile and connect your social accounts, you can download custom PDF press kits to send to brands. Fohr Press Kits are customized and feature recent content, performance stats, and more. 

Follower Testimonials 

You know that your followers aren’t just a number. They’re people who make up your trusted community, and they follow you for a reason. With Fohr, you can recruit your followers to leave powerful testimonials on your Fohr profile. 

With Follower Testimonials, you’ll be able to get real-time written accounts from your audience about why they follow you, which categories you influence them in, and how often. Testimonials are also a win because you can use them to show brands how engaged your community is and why partnering with you is undeniably valuable, giving brands a deeper understanding of your influence beyond your feed or metrics.

To take advantage of testimonials, simply create your profile and drive your audience to leave Testimonials on your Fohr page. 

Content Search 

When you join Fohr, you can use Content Search to explore specific keywords or handles within your content to generate report summaries. For example, you can search for references to ‘skincare’ to pitch a beauty brand, or search for a specific hashtag to report on that brand campaign.

You can utilize Content Search to pitch your existing contacts at your dream brands and send post-campaign reports to your contacts by searching a keyword, handle, or hashtag within your content. 


Using Bulletin, brands can post opportunities on Fohr tailored to different cohorts of creators that match specific criteria. The tool helps connect the right creators to the most relevant potential opportunities. Past Bulletins have included international trips, exclusive events, product samples, and more.

Bulletin is a dashboard that displays opportunities, campaign-relevant questionnaires, and event registrations for influencers. As an influencer with a Fohr profile and valid social connections, you can respond to posts on Bulletin and let brands know you are interested in potential gifting and paid opportunities. You can also answer campaign-relevant questionnaires and tell brands if you plan to attend certain events. This is a great way to introduce yourself and get your name in front of brand teams for review. Applying to a Bulletin is similar to applying to a job. Sometimes, brands get hundreds of responses and may not respond to every applicant. If you don’t hear back — don’t get discouraged.

Bulletin is one of the many ways you can increase your visibility to brands, businesses, agencies, and potential partners on Fohr, letting them know your interest in specific brand opportunities.

Verified Reach 

Your audience is your superpower — especially if they’re active, healthy, and engaged. That’s why Fohr created the Verified Reach feature to gauge your content reach and audience health. Verified Reach requires a quick application but can be exponentially beneficial to showing brands how effective your content is and the power of your following. 

Once you create a Fohr profile, you can apply for Verified Reach here. You will receive a green badge on your Fohr profile once your following is verified, letting brands know your following is legit.

What are the benefits of creating a Fohr profile?

Put Your Name Out There 

Increase your chances of getting discovered by hundreds of brand and agency users who use Fohr's technology to find, vet, and contact new influencers (they'll reach out via the email listed on your profile and may not say they found you on Fohr.)

Apply for Opportunities

Actively search and apply for posted opportunities with Bulletin.

Fohr’s Managed Campaigns 

Be in the running for paid campaigns managed by Fohr's team in a fair and equitable recruitment process.

Free Analytics

Dive into your detailed multi-platform social analytics in one place via secure API integrations.

Audience Insights 

Access tools to track performance, understand your audience and follower growth, and explore follower demographics.

Content Curation

Build a portfolio with downloadable and brand-specific press kits.

Gauge Follower Authenticity 

Hear from your audience and gather shareable follower testimonials to prove you convert. Plus, verify your reach to let brands know your following is legitimate.

Exclusive Resources

Explore educational information and content on industry trends and best practices.

Friendly Facebook Community

Join a network of professional peers via Fohr’s influencer community.

Read more on how to get the most of your free profile here.

What does not come with my profile?

For total transparency, we want to be clear about what comes with your free Fohr profile and what doesn’t.

  • We don’t guarantee brand work. ​​While signing up makes you searchable to our paying clients across brands and agencies, we do not provide you with brand contacts or deals. Registering for a Bulletin opportunity is like raising your hand, saying you are interested in a specific activation. Please note that many other candidates raise their hands for the same opportunities, similar to applying for a job. 
  • We aren’t talent managers. We don’t promise to pitch you to brands. Fohr’s campaign team is dedicated to finding the perfect fit for influencer marketing campaigns in a fair and equitable process.

If you have more general questions, you can read more here or contact us at

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