Fohr Influencers: Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

August 24, 2021
Updated Oct 26, 2023

We address your most common questions about our platform here.

Why should I sign up with Fohr?

Creating a Fohr profile takes a few minutes, is totally free, and perks include access to tools that help you understand & grow your audience, and become searchable by brands who use their platform to run their influencer programs.

Tools Fohr offers for you: 

  • Profile: Analyze your numbers to uncover what resonates with your audience, and adjust your content accordingly. Track metrics and information including Average Reach, Most Engaged Posts, Sponsored Content Percentage, and more. 
  • Press Kit: Download a customized, up-to-date PDF press kit at any time. 
  • Content Search: Pitch your dream brands and send post-campaign reports to your contacts by searching a keyword, handle, or hashtag in your content. 
  • Testimonials:  Drive your audience to leave Testimonials on your Fohr page – and hear directly from followers about why they follow you, what category you influence them in, and how often. 
  • Bulletin: Register your interest in potential Gifting and Pro Bono Opportunities. Similar to applying to a job, while you might not hear back from brands, Bulletin offers a great way for you to introduce yourself, and get your name in front of their team for review.
  • Verified Reach: Have your Instagram account scanned + Verified to show that you are reaching an average (or above average) percentage of your followers. 

Profile Stats

Question: I’ve connected my socials but it won’t reflect the stats or is showing 0 for all my followers, likes, and engagement.

Answer: If you recently connected your account, please note that it will take at least 72 hours for the stats to backtrack and populate. If this time frame has passed and it still has not reflected the stats, then please reach out to us at

I connected my account months ago, but the stats have stopped updating and refreshing on my profile page. How can I fix this?

If your stats have stopped updating, you can head to your My Settings > Personal Settings > Social Media Accounts to disconnect your account in order to re-connect.  If your “disconnect” button is greyed out, please reach out to us at for assistance. 

My sponsored posts section is not pulling in the most recent sponsored posts.  Can you help me change it?

For extra context, that part of your profile is pulled in automatically.  Our platform detects words/terms such as #ad, #gifted, #spon, #sponsored, #partner, etc. to identify sponsored posts. In some cases the duality use of those words will pull in content that perhaps might not be sponsored. Because it is automated, there is no way to edit that section, it does however refresh every 90 days! 

My audience demographics on my Fohr profile are different from what my Instagram audience demographics say, why is that?

We actually use a service called Demographics Pro for our information, since Instagram doesn't allow us or any other third party access to theirs. Both services, however, have their own methodology and conjecture- another reason for the discrepancy. Additional info on how Demographics Pro calculates below, and why we feel so confident in their data:

Demographics Pro relies on their core ability to estimate or infer the likely demographic characteristics (gender, age, marital status, interest, occupation, location, etc) of local consumers based purely on their social media presence/usage. Their methodology is data-centric, relying on multiple data signals from three primary areas: networks, consumption and language. Data signals are filtered and amplified using large, proprietary knowledge bases of established correlations between data points and demographic characteristics. Finally, they combine multiple amplified signals using a series of algorithms to estimate or infer likely demographic characteristics. They require confidence of 95% or above to make an estimate of a single demographic characteristic for any given local consumer. Their success relies on the relatively low covariance of multiple amplified signals: iterative evaluation using established samples allows them to calibrate the balance between depth of coverage (i.e. the number of demographic estimates they make) and their required accuracy.

Account Connection

I tried to connect to Instagram but it brought me to Facebook instead - I don’t have a Facebook Page. Do I have to make a Facebook Page?

Yes! The Instagram API requires that influencers connect a Facebook Page to their account (does not have to be public or visible) in order to properly connect. Typically when you create an Instagram Business/Creator account, it also prompts you to create a Facebook Page.  However, if you don’t recall creating one, you can visit here for instructions on how to add a Facebook Page.  

I’ve tried to connect my Instagram business/creator account but it’s not working. What should I do?

Please confirm if these three steps have been completed:

For instructions on how to add or change the Facebook Page connected to your Instagram business account, click here.  

I’ve tried connecting my YouTube account but it does not seem to work or take me to the YouTube page when I click on it on my Fohr profile.

To ensure you are entering the correct YouTube URL, just go to your YouTube channel homepage and copy and paste the URL at the top of your browser.  It should look something like this:

I’ve tried connecting my TikTok but it’s showing me an error when I click on it on my profile.

To ensure it’s also the correct TikTok URL, you can also just copy & paste the link on your TikTok homepage! It should look like this:

I’ve connected to the wrong Instagram/Facebook account!

The Fohr profile will automatically connect to whichever Instagram/Facebook account is open in their device/computer at the time of connecting.  Youcan disconnect Instagram/Facebook in the Settings tab, then sign completely out of Instagram/Facebook (off all browsers, mobile etc), then reconnect to whichever account you wish. Please note that it takes up to 72 hours to backtrack the incorrect content out and new account content in. 

Instagram Press Kit

My Instagram press kit has been showing incorrect information in the past months and I’m not sure how I can update it.

Usually, this is linked to your Instagram connection.  Our recommendation is to also try disconnecting & reconnecting as stated above first and see if that improves the situation.  If not, please reach out to with screenshots so we can look into this!

Profile Completion Issue

I can’t fill out the ‘About Me’ section, it’s not saving any of my responses.

You'd need to physically click on the 'Done' button after every single input and question before continuing to the next section as opposed to pressing enter on your keyboard. The responses on the page do not auto save. 

I’ve answered all the questions required when onboarding, but for some reason the completion bar is still stuck at a certain percentage and won’t confirm if it’s been saved.

I hear you! In the event that this happens, we recommend trying a different browser - or if on the same browser, try incognito mode so that it’s void of any caches/cookies and trying again.  If it’s still not working and you notice none of your answers are saving, please reach out to for further assistance.

Email/Password Change

How do I change my email address associated with the login?

If you would like to change your email address, you can head over to Settings > Personal Settings and update it there. If the email is still not updating or you are experiencing errors please reach out to

Verified Reach

Why is my profile unable to be verified?

To clarify, getting the Verified Reach badge is just adding a note that you reach an above average percentage of your following. If you applied and did not receive this, it absolutely doesn't mean that your profile is incomplete or that brands won't be able to see your profile if they are searching through the platform. You are also able to reapply at any time, we just suggest you allow enough time for there to be at least 20 new posts for the tool to pull updated data from. We recommend that you continue to interact and engage with your followers, block any accounts that follow you that may be spam or inactive accounts, and post content that typically resonates best with your audience.  Also including a bit more information on Verified Reach here: Verified Reach FAQ — Fohr

I used to have Verified Reach but now I don’t. What happened?

Not to worry, fluctuation in reach is common, especially as you continue to grow followers. If you no longer receive the badge, it just means that your reach dipped below the above average benchmark. You are able to reapply at any time, but it is recommended that you have at least 20 new photos on your account in order for our tool to pull in fresh new stats to calculate from. 

Bulletins & Brand Opportunities

How do I work with brands? Do I reach out to them on your platform?

No. Typically influencers are not the ones reaching out, but you can check out your Bulletin every now and then to see if you fit and are interested in any of the potential opportunities. Once you’ve signed up to Fohr, you’re essentially putting yourself in our directory of over 100,000 influencers visible to our paying clients across brands and agencies.  You may not realize, if approached by a brand, that they found you through Fohr, since your direct email address is on your Fohr profile.

Why am I not seeing any new bulletins in my portal? What happened?

The volume of Bulletin opportunities will depend on the amount our brand and agency clients post. A note too, that not all influencers in the platform will be able to view the same opportunities, brands are able to put specifications on the back end, for example "female influencers with over 20k followers, living in NYC, in the lifestyle, beauty, skincare categories" etc.  So if you fall under those specifications, they will appear on your dashboard!

For more questions on Bulletins, check out this post here.

Account Deletion

I would like to delete my account, how would I go about it?

If you head to Settings > Personal Settings and scroll down to the bottom, you’ll see the ‘Delete Account’ button.  Clicking this will remove all your information from our Fohr database.  Please note that if you’ve had your Fohr profile for a while it may take a few days to completely process and clear.

Any follow-up questions? Feel free to contact

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