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Fohrgroni - The Fohr Bar
Fohr Bar View at Night

Nestled inside Fohr’s company headquarters in the Lower East Side area of Manhattan, the fabled Fohr Bar exists to consecrate the thoughtful delight of everyday working life.

monday thru friday,
every season of every year
5 PM-ish until ∞
Reservations required :)
Drawing of Fohr Bar
Allen St at Grand St
Fohr Bar Inside


a Fohr Bar Sample Menu
presented as artifact, inspiration, and information


“The House Drink”
Navy strength gin, campari, vermouth


“The Former House Drink”
Rye whisky, vermouth, bitters


“Might as well make it a double”
You want it, we’ve got it


“Romance in a glass”
Rotating and seasonally-curated by our good friends at Kingston Wine Co.


“It’s a celebration and it holds such promise”
Coffee, tea, fizzy water, juices, and much more
“Drink it—and you will feel within your blood the star-lit dawns, the dreamy, tawny dusks of many perfect days.”
R. G. Ingersoll
FohrGroni gin

A company...


...a bar

fohr manhattan drink
“In true passion, one does not need a head or brain: the whole body is turned into a montage. This loss of the body, this dissolution of the body into a composite of organs, is called happiness.”
Slavoj Žižek
The Fohr + Co. Family Distillery Tendency
Hello. It’s us—
a comprehensive supplier for all some of your earthly needs.

Fohr—a company and a bar