Nothing ventured, nothing gained

You probably already know we are a different kind of influencer marketing company.

You may not know that we are a team of 20 people based in Soho, New York City’s loveliest neighborhood. We believe in collaboration, innovation, and the occasional 5PM glass of wine. We have a strict no asshole policy.

Want to work with us? Let us know by responding to one of the openings below. None of the positions fit? Write us an email and let us know why not, and what you want to do for us instead. We love creativity.

Current Openings


Subscription Coordinator
New York, NY - $35k - $45k


Social Media Marketing Intern
New York, NY


Marketing Designer
New York, NY - $60k
Full-Stack Web Developer
New York, NY - $120k
Product Manager
New York, NY - $120k
Product Designer
New York, NY - $60k


Financial Analyst
New York, NY - $50k - $70k

Account Manager
New York, NY - $55k
Account Executive
New York, NY - $45k