Bulletin and Influencer Opportunities: FAQs

James Nord
September 8, 2021
Updated Feb 09, 2024

Bulletin is one of many ways influencers can increase their visibility to brands, businesses, agencies, and potential partners on Fohr. Bulletin is a dashboard on Fohr where influencers can register their interest in specific brand opportunities, respond to campaign-relevant questionnaires, and tell brands if they are attending certain events. 

Read on for answers to our most commonly asked questions. 

Bulletin Basics

What is Bulletin?

Bulletin is a dashboard for influencers that display opportunities, questionnaires, and event registrations. The opportunities posted on Bulletin come from individual brands and agencies.

As an influencer, you can respond to posts and let brands know you want to work on their next campaign. You can also respond to campaign-relevant questionnaires and tell brands if you are attending certain events. 

How do I register for a Bulletin? 

Simply log in to your Fohr account and navigate to Bulletin. Next, click on an opportunity that you’re interested in and complete the questionnaire. Once you complete an opportunity, it will turn gray.

I registered for a Bulletin. Now what?

After you register for a Bulletin post, the brand will see a potential partner for review. They will reach out to you directly if they want to work with you.

Additionally, you will begin to receive automatic Bulletin recommendations based on your Fohr profile and opportunity inventory. You may opt-out at any time using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of these emails.

What role does Fohr play in Bulletin opportunities? 

Fohr screens Bulletins on behalf of brands, agencies, and partners. Fohr also posts Bulletins as surveys to gather information applicable to multiple brands and agencies.

What does it mean if I see a Bulletin post?

If you see a Bulletin post, it means you fit the influencer following tier, vertical, location, and content style the brand is looking for in a partner. It also means you have not yet opted out of Bulletin email updates, which you are welcome to do if you are not finding value in the tool at this time.

Bulletin is non-binding and obligation-free. Registering your interest in an opportunity is like raising your hand, saying you are interested. Please note that, similar to applying for a job, many other candidates are raising their hand. 

Why don’t I see as many Bulletin opportunities as I used to? 

Great question. We received feedback that our influencer community would prefer fewer, more tailored opportunities over a higher volume of less tailored opportunities. Therefore, to improve the influencer user experience, we limited Bulletin targeting for brands to restrict the volume of individuals who can raise their hand for opportunities. 

I have applied for a lot of opportunities through Bulletin. So why am I not hearing back? 

Similar to applying for a job, many other candidates are raising their hand to apply for Bulletin opportunities. While it is very common not to hear back from brands, Bulletin offers a low-touch way for you to get your name in front of a brand’s team for review. If you are not finding value in Bulletin, you can unsubscribe to Bulletin emailers.

Bulletin is not the only way to receive opportunities through Fohr. By signing up for a free profile, you will be discoverable by hundreds of brand users and Fohr managed services team, even if you have opted out of Bulletin. 

Bulletin and Brand Opportunities

Who creates Bulletins?

  1. Brands that use Bulletin are self-serve clients of Fohr. They are using it as a self-serve tool to share offers and opportunities that may interest you. 
  2. Fohr shares Bulletins that survey to gather information applicable to multiple brands and agencies. For example, Fohr creates Bulletin surveys to ask you to register whether you are at a specific life stage or planning on attending a specific event. The Fohr profiles of those who respond are then shared with all Fohr subscribing clients. If there is an opportunity a brand would like to extend (paid or gifted), they will reach out directly via email.  

How can I be compensated for Bulletin opportunities? 

Fohr allows paid, trade, and free opportunities to be posted via Bulletin. Bulletin opportunities must comply with Fohr’s community guidelines.  

Why are some Bulletin opportunities for trade only? 

Some brands and agencies offer trade-only Bulletin opportunities.

Fohr created Bulletin as one of three ways to receive opportunities through Fohr. It is like a community noticeboard of potential opportunities that may or may not interest influencers, and many of these are trade only. For example, some people are interested in having access to free meals, hotel stays, sheets, skincare, tech, fashion, and more, and register their interest when there is a Bulletin that meets their needs.

If you are only seeking paid collaborations, you are welcome to opt out of this free tool. Your free Fohr profile will still be discoverable to hundreds of brand users and the Fohr managed services team.

I am only taking paid collaborations at this time and have only been receiving gifting opportunities through Bulletin. How can I opt-out? 

All community members can unsubscribe to Bulletin updates at the bottom of the weekly Bulletin emailers. Don’t worry; this won’t remove you from being contacted for potential paid opportunities.

If our managed services team has a paid opportunity to extend to you, they will reach out personally via email with details on the offer.

If a subscribing client finds you on Fohr and wants to reach out with a paid opportunity, they will do so via the email listed on your Fohr profile.

Why have I not received any paid collaborations from the Fohr team?

There are currently hundreds of thousands of influencers who have created a free Fohr profile, which means that we might just haven’t found the perfect opportunity for you yet. However, if you are concerned that you haven’t received a paid offer from the Fohr team, it doesn’t mean that you won’t receive one in the future. We’re constantly working with new clients who are looking for influencers like you. 

Additionally, you may have received offers from Fohr on behalf of our clients without knowing brands discovered you via Fohr. Sometimes, partners don't necessarily disclose that they found influencers via the Fohr platform.

How Fohr Works for Influencers

What are other ways I can source opportunities on Fohr?

Great question! Bulletin is one of many ways influencers can increase their visibility on Fohr.

Here are some others:

  • Get discovered by hundreds of brand and agency users who are using Fohr's technology to discover, vet, and contact new influencers (they'll reach out via the email listed on your profile and may not say they found you on Fohr)
  • Be in the running for paid campaigns managed by Fohr's team

What are the other benefits of having a free Fohr profile?

There are so many benefits to having a free Fohr profile! As mentioned in this article, Bulletin opportunities are just the beginning. 

Here are some of our favorite benefits: 

  • Cross-platform analytics in one place from secure API integrations
  • Tools to track performance, follower growth, and follower demographics 
  • Downloadable and brand-specific press kits
  • Shareable follower testimonials to prove you convert 
  • Exclusive Fohr influencer community 
  • Quarterly events, webinars, and resources

Additionally, syncing your social posts and platforms to Fohr also makes your content searchable, so you appear in influencer research. 

How does Fohr work with brands and agencies? 

Fohr has two core offerings for brands and agencies.

  1. Self-serve technology. This allows brands and agencies to identify, vet and contact influencers directly. Bulletin is a part of this suite of self-serve technology. If a subscribing brand has an opportunity available, they will contact you directly via email. This means that opportunities from brands (paid and gifting) could be coming to you via your Fohr profile without your brand contact specifying they found you on Fohr. This is why having a free Fohr profile is valuable, even if you haven’t received a paid offer from the Fohr team directly.
  2. Managed services. Our managed services specialty is tailored, manageable, ambassador-style programming. The volume of individuals working with the Fohr team directly is a small portion of the 150,000+ individuals who have created a free profile. Our managed services team is approx. 30 people and our typical campaigns have between 5 and 20 participants. Fohr is focused on avoiding scaled and transactional campaigns in an effort to improve the campaign experience of our clients and community members. This means that many individuals who have created a free Fohr profile will by nature not receive paid opportunities from our team directly.

I have been a member of Fohr for a long time, and all I have received is the Bulletin alerts. Should I delete my profile? 

If you’re thinking of deleting your profile but not sure, please reach out to support@fohr.co

Brands and agencies that subscribe to Fohr may be identifying you through Fohr without specifying that it’s how they found you. Fohr profiles are free and do not affect your representation. You are welcome to unsubscribe from Bulletin alerts while also keeping your profile active to be discovered by brands and the Fohr managed services team. 

If you have more questions about Fohr, check out this post.

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