Bulletin for New Influencer Opportunities

July 10, 2019
Last updated on
December 13, 2021

By Stephanie Rubin, Angela Dizon

Over six ago, Fohr was founded with the goal of creating a place where brands and creatives could connect to form meaningful and successful partnerships. The space desperately lacked a dedicated location for these two groups of people to find each other, and we were excited to serve the industry with just that by building a directory.

Since then, the industry has grown tremendously and influencers have developed the need for tools to help them proactively get their names in front of brands and agencies. To keep up with demand, we began sending one-off emails to our influencer community so they could register their interest­ in opportunities – their names would later be shared with our clients. But influencers could only register through email links, we were limited by the number of emails we could send out, and influencers didn’t have a record of opportunities they already applied to. It was time to put all of this into one organized place.

Today, Fohr is putting an interactive spin on that fundamental goal and taking it to the next level with the release of Bulletin: a dashboard on Fohr where influencers can register their interest in specific brand opportunities, respond to campaign-relevant questionnaires, and tell brands if they are attending certain events. At its core, Bulletin was created in line with our overall mission of providing influencers with tools to help them connect with brands and grow their business.

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What is Bulletin?

Bulletin is an influencer-facing dashboard that displays opportunities, questionnaires, and events registrations from our team, and from our clients across brands and agencies. In submitting responses to posts, you can let our clients know if you want to work on their next campaign, if you’re attending NYFW, if you’re a football fan, or if you’re renovating your home, to name a few.

Once you register for a Bulletin post, you will become eligible for opportunities that make sense for you while getting your name in front of brands as a potential partner for review. They will reach out to you directly if they want to work with you.


Opportunities grey out once you complete them, leaving you a footprint of the work you’ve done to attract potential partnerships.

Like a real-life bulletin, the selection of opportunities posted will vary—some days you’ll find a few items, and other days, maybe a few dozen. Keep logging in to view new opportunities and questionnaires. If you see a Bulletin post in your dashboard, it means you fall within an appropriate following tier, location, and vertical for the opportunity.



Why should I register on Bulletin?

By registering on Bulletin, your name, Fohr profile and submission will be sent to and reviewed by the brand. So whether you’re vegan, you’re heading to Coachella or you’re recently engaged, letting us know makes you eligible for relevant opportunities.

When will I find out if I got an opportunity?

If a brand is interested in working with Bulletin post you registered for, they will contact you directly over email. If you don’t receive an inbound message, no additional action is necessary.

How can I get more opportunities?

We recommend remaining involved with your Bulletin by answering any posts that you see, and keeping your Fohr profile up to date with your social channels properly connected.

How will I know if there’s a new post?

You are encouraged to keep checking back on Bulletin to stay on top of any new posts that go live. You will also receive an email notification if you have posts in your Bulletin that have remained unanswered, or if there’s a time sensitive opportunity posted in Bulletin.

What’s the difference between questions here and in the Influencer Onboarding Questionnaire?

These questionnaires are different from the onboarding questionnaire in that they focus on specific items like events and life milestones. The influencer onboarding questionnaire, on the other hand, goes in-depth about who you are rather than what you’re doing or up to.

Can I change my answers once I submit them?

Because your responses are exported and sent to the brand after you submit them, you are not able to change your answers once you complete a questionnaire page.

Who can view posts?

Bulletin posts are visible to any influencer who fits within the following tier, location, and vertical specified by the brand. All Fohr influencers are able to access the tab.

The Bulletin tab itself is visible whenever you have a pending questionnaire to complete. If you do not see the Bulletin tab, there are no new opportunities for you to view.

Who can see my responses?

Your responses will only be visible to the Fohr team and our clients unless otherwise stated. If you register for an opportunity from a specific brand, that brand will have access to your responses. For any questions, please refer to our Privacy Policy.


How can I get my brand’s opportunities on here?

If you’re interested in posting a potential opportunity or survey, please reach out to michelle@fohr.co.

Can brands choose which influencers can see their post?

Yes. Brands can specify the type of influencer who can view their post in terms of niche, location, follower size, location, and more.

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Our hope is that brands and influencers alike make some meaningful connections through Bulletin, and that content creators keep checking back to see the new posts as they come through. We understand this is your passion and we at Fohr want to support you on that journey—wherever it may take you.

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