New Launch: Follower Testimonials on Fohr influencer profiles

July 8, 2019
Last updated on
January 26, 2022

By Stephanie Rubin, Angela Dizon

For years we have been building technology that looks at your social media accounts and the supporting analytics to build a profile that helps brands understand your numbers - total followers, growth rates, engagement rates, engagement benchmarks, average reach, and audience demographics to name a few.

But your followers aren’t just a number, you’ve worked hard to cultivate a community who are loyal to you, who trust you – and we want to give them a chance to tell us why, going beyond the numbers to tell brands things about you that we might not learn strictly from your metrics. In order to better achieve that goal, we are launching Follower Testimonials.

By logging into your profile and sharing your Follower Testimonial Link with your audience, your followers can leave you testimonials highlighting why they love you, what categories you influence them in, and why brands should work with you.

Why should you gather testimonials?

Testimonials are like letters of recommendation—they add a compelling, personal touch to a profile already rich with impressive stats and content.

It’s not everyday that a brand can hear directly from your audience about how you’ve influenced them. We think they’re an untapped resource—and besides, who else knows your merits better than the people who love following you?



How followers can complete testimonials

To get testimonials on your page, look out for a story badge in your email, and include a swipe up link or link in bio using this Follower Testimonial Link found on your Fohr profile.

Each follower is prompted to answer a few straightforward questions about you when they complete a testimonial. Responses can be as short or long as they need to be, and they are always anonymous.


fohr-influencer-profile-yestimonials (1).png


Feel free to give your followers prompts so they can write the best testimonials they can. Maybe its through mentioning products you’ve gotten a lot of DMs about, or reiterating the topics you speak about to get their minds thinking about the reasons they started following you in the first place, and why they're still following you today.

Why testimonials are important in getting brand work

We first saw the power of testimonials with Fohr Freshman Class, and a few months later, Sephora Squad. The idea of having influencers' followers submit testimonials on their behalf was brand new, and we were excited hear directly from dedicated audiences who have the most deepest understanding as to what makes an influencer unique. We received over 250k testimonials during the Sephora Squad program. These messages were detailed, heartwarming, and painted animated pictures of who the influencers really are beyond their still feed.

After we initially gather all of the testimonials, our clients across brands and agencies will eventually be able to read Follower Testimonials on your profile, and gain immediate insight as to why you’d be the perfect partner for their campaign. Testimonials will provide brands with more personal and accurate information about you, and help them target the exact influencer to fit their needs. The more you get, the better your potential brand partners will get to know you.

Who can view my testimonials?

Our clients across brands and agencies will eventually be able to read these on your Fohr once they've logged into Fohr, and viewed your profile to gain immediate insight as to why you’d be the perfect partner for their campaign.

These will not be viewable by your followers, or by other influencers on Fohr.

Can I review testimonials before they are added to my Profile?

You will have immediate access to review all of the testimonials you receive, by logging into your Fohr profile and approving the testimonials.

Any questions? Feel free to contact Otherwise, you can get started by logging into Fohr and sharing your testimonial link. Check your inbox for the matching Instagram Story to help you share!

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