Introducing Verified Reach

October 14, 2018
Last updated on
January 7, 2022

Today we're excited to start rolling out the latest iteration of our Fohr Verification: Verified Reach. 

A year and a half ago we introduced a revolutionary product in our Verified Authentic Following and Verified Reach is the older, wiser sibling of that first product. 

Having your reach verified by Fohr lets the world know that your following is engaged, authentic and most importantly, real. 

We're releasing our first set of verified badges in the coming weeks, but you can apply today to be the first to get verified. 

What is Verified Reach? How is Verified Reach Awarded? 

With the introduction of the Instagram Business Insights, there has been a shift in the market away from relying solely on total follower counts (which as we know, can be easily purchased) and towards a more holistic picture of your following, including Average Reach. Similar to Verified Authentic audiences, Fohr has been scanning influencer accounts and gathering analytics on all influencers in our database.This allows us to see the average reach of influencers within each following tier (10k, 50k, 200k etc.) If you fall within, or above, the benchmarked Average Reach for your follower tier, you will be awarded with having a Verified Reach. 

How do I Verify my Reach? 

You'll need to sign into your Fohr account. To apply for Verified Reach, be sure you complete the process of setting up your account. You will be prompted to follow steps to get your reach verified during that process. If you have not 100% completed filling out information for your profile, you will see a profile-setup status bar at the top of the page upon logging in. On this page you'll find a step by step tutorial that will walk you through this process! 

Just a note that you will need your personal Instagram profile to be set as a Business Account. You can read more about how to switch to Business here. 

What do I do when Insights return “N/A” for results? 

We work with your latest posts to calculate your reach verification. In some cases the system requires that your Instagram Business account has been activated for over three months. Once your account has been active for three months please go through the verification process again.

Who can see my reach stats? 

Once you are Verified, this will only be visible to Fohr's staff and to our subscribing client base of brands and agencies. This not public information and will not be visible to other influencers on the Fohr platform.

How long will it take for me to get verified?

Up to two weeks.

How/When will I receive my Verified Reach badge? 

As with Verified Authentic Following, we will be emailing you a custom Instagram Stories slide. 

When can I expect to be emailed my Verified Audience badge?

If you're verified, you should receive your verified audience badge email within the same business day. If our system flags anything within your screenshots (for example: blurry images, incorrect uploads), our support team will need to manually review, and this process could take up to two weeks. 

Is this the same as Instagram Verification? Are you able to help me get Instagram Verified?

Unfortunately, we are not able to help with Instagram Verification (the blue check next to someone’s Instagram handle on their IG profile).  These are unrelated products, and Instagram Verification is managed by Instagram directly.

Why was my account not verified? 

If you didn’t get verified, this would indicate that your true audience reach is below the average reach of influencers within your following level, i.e. (25k-50k, 50k-100k, 100k-250k, 250k) 

How do I improve my audience reach so that I can become Verified?

To gain the Fohr Verified Audience badge, you need to be reaching the average or above average percentage of your audience, for your follower tier. If your true reach is low, make sure you’re producing high quality content and generating high engagement. Make an effort to interact with your followers as much as you can to find out what they like seeing, and what they don’t. Your true reach is driven by Instagram, not by Fohr.

I frequently “boost” some of my IG posts and those likes do not show up on my Instagram insights. I have proof though through my FB business page. So some of my IG posts look like they have less impressions than likes because of this. Will this affect my Verified Reach? 

No. Our Verified Reach system is able to read that your content was boosted, and will ask you to upload a second screenshot of the metrics from your boosted post.

I'm getting an error. 

No worries! Email and we'll be back to you in 48 hours. 

I'm getting a 500 error, what does this mean?

Please email and we can help within 24 hours.

I still have questions. 

No worries! Email and we'll be back to you in 48 hours.  

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