Follower Testimonials: How to Leverage the Power of Your Audience [Feature Spotlight]

January 24, 2023
Updated Sep 18, 2023

As an influencer, your following isn't summed up only by the numbers – a following is a dedicated group of real people who trust your advice. The most critical way to pitch yourself to potential brand partners is to help them understand your impact on your audiences’ purchases and behaviors.

Tracking immediate purchase behaviors is simple (link clicks, purchases through an affiliate link, app downloads), but understanding the more nuanced journey from discovery to purchase decision is harder to achieve at scale. 

This is where Follower Testimonials come in. Now, we’ve made it easier than ever to find them — with an updated look and feel on your Influencer Dashboard and in their forever home on your Influencer Profile.

By creating a free Fohr profile, influencers can access a custom testimonial collection form, get unlimited testimonials from their audience, and store them for sharing and review in the future. To view your testimonials (or collect your first few), create a Fohr profile today

Already part of our community? View them in your influencer dashboard by logging in

Read on to learn everything you need to know about Fohr Testimonials:

What are Follower Testimonials? 

Follower Testimonials are a revolutionary way for influencers to receive written feedback from their audiences and for potential brand partners to view that information. Follower Testimonials can provide clients with clear insight into how influential you are. 

With the Follower Testimonials feature, you’ll discover:

  • What categories do your followers find you to be the most influential in
  • Whether they regularly purchase based on your posts
  • What impact have you had on their lives 

Why should I gather Testimonials from my audience? 

You’ve worked hard to cultivate a community who are loyal to you, who trust you – and we want to give them a chance to tell us why. 

Testimonials are like letters of recommendation — they add a personal touch to your influencer profile. Since launch, thousands of influencers have rallied their communities to leave them Testimonials – and they have stacked up thousands.

By logging in to your profile and sharing your unique Follower Testimonial link, your followers can leave Testimonials in a few easy steps.

  • Gather testimonials to get exclusive stats on your audience in just a few clicks
  • Read audience testimonials on your home page — and track them as they come in
  • Easily share how you shine with downloadable IG Story assets
  • Take advantage of unlimited testimonial storage on your profiles — so you can gauge follower sentiment for years to come 

How can I best capture Testimonials from my audience? 

To start collecting testimonials, we recommend sharing your testimonial link via Stories, your link in bio, or a newsletter.  From there, your audience can easily leave you why-they-love-you notes. 

We recommend giving your audience some context when you share this link — maybe tell them it helps you share how you shine or because you want to get their feedback. Consider sharing prompts with your followers so they can write the best Testimonials they can. Maybe it's through mentioning products you’ve gotten a lot of DMs about or reiterating the topics you speak about to get their minds thinking about why they started following you in the first place and why they're still following you today.

Get step-by-step instructions on gathering and sharing your Testimonials in our Help Center.

Where can I view my completed Testimonials?

Accessing testimonials on your influencer dashboard

You can view testimonials in two places: the Testimonial Tracker on your influencer dashboard — or your Fohr profile.  

You’ll find this new feature at the bottom of your Dashboard. With Testimonial Tracker, you can:

  • Read existing testimonials and see the IG handles of those who left them
  • Share existing testimonials via IG stories 
  • Copy your unique Testimonial Link to gather more feedback 
  • Click View All to browse all Testimonials on your profile
Fohr Testimonials Tracker on Influencer Dashboards

From here, you can download your testimonials by tapping Share, or tap View All to view more testimonials in your Fohr profile quickly! 

Accessing testimonials on your Profile

Within the Testimonials section of your Fohr profile, you can view and download your testimonials into a CSV (or an Instagram story) to help them digest the data, share it, and identify trends in an organized way.

As the completed Testimonials roll in, you will see the 'Audience Survey' section appear over time. The Audience Survey section will include the below information – you can also see an example of an influencer's Audience Survey section attached.

Audience Survey

  • Audience Category Influence - The percentage breakdown of categories the influencer is most influential in according to their audience (skincare, lifestyle, fashion, makeup, travel) 
  • Audience Purchase Decisions - The percentage of an influencer's audience that has purchased a product after seeing a post within the past year 
  • Audience Purchase Frequency - The percentage breakdown of an influencer's audience product purchase frequency (all the time, once a year, four times a year, once a month, never)
  • Testimonials - Firsthand Testimonials written by influencers' followers that explain what they love about the influencer 

To help you stay on top of it all, we’ll send you email updates every week you receive testimonials. Be sure you’re subscribed to product updates under the Settings tab on your Fohr profile.

Why are Testimonials important for getting brand work?

We first saw the power of Testimonials #SephoraSquad. In 2022, applicants received over 250k Testimonials during the program. These messages were detailed, heartwarming and painted animated pictures of the influencers beyond their feed. Allowing influencers' followers to submit Testimonials was new, and we were excited to hear from audiences with the most profound understanding of what makes an influencer unique.

While this information does not entirely put an end to the debate on influencer efficacy, we do think it helps to:

  • Humanize your following
  • Clearly show the connection you have with your audience
  • Allows brands to understand how likely your audience is to purchase a product after seeing one of your posts. 
  • The brand makes a more informed decision about whether you are the perfect partner for their brand.

How do my followers complete Testimonials?

Via your shared link, each follower will be prompted to answer a few straightforward questions about you when they complete a Testimonial. Responses can be as s          hort or long as needed, and they are always anonymous.

Who else can view my Testimonials?

Testimonials will give brands more personal and accurate information about you and help them target the right influencer to fit their needs. After we initially gather all of the Testimonials, our clients across brands and agencies will eventually be able to read Follower Testimonials on your Fohr profile and gain immediate insight as to why you’d be the perfect partner for their campaign. The more you receive, the more your potential brand partners learn about you.

Our clients across brands and agencies will eventually be able to read these on your Fohr once they've logged into Fohr and viewed your profile to gain immediate insight as to why you’d be the perfect partner for their campaign.

These will not be viewable by your followers or other influencers on Fohr.

Are submitted Testimonials anonymous?

We initially created Testimonials to remain anonymous, but we figured if someone leaves a glowing review, they might want their name on it. Those people do have the option to include their handles on the Testimonials they submit. Or, they can choose to have it remain anonymous.

If someone includes their handle when leaving a Testimonial, you’ll be able to tag them when they share their downloadable Instagram Story frame.

Can I review Testimonials before adding them to my Profile?

You will have immediate access to review all the Testimonials you receive by logging in to your Fohr profile and approving the Testimonials.

How can I share my completed Testimonials with potential partners?

Now and then, you’ll receive a Testimonial that makes all of the hard work and chaos associated with your jobs feel worth it. You can show off those Testimonials by setting them as ‘featured’ on your Fohr profile, so brands using can see them on your page.

Some examples of feature-worthy Testimonials include:

  • Compelling reasons recounting why your audience follows you
  • Glowing endorsements of your expert product recommendations and advice
  • Anything you’ve read that is now irrevocably close to your heart

Step-by-step instructions on how to gather and share your Testimonials can be found here.

You can also download each Testimonial as an Instagram Story by clicking “Download” under the Testimonials tab to generate Story frames. You can also easily share the completed surveys and the compiled data at a glance with potential partners and brands using Fohr’s tools.

Is there a limit to how many Testimonials I can gather?

No! You can share unlimited testimonials. 


Questions we didn’t cover? Feel free to contact Otherwise, you can log into Fohr and share your Testimonial link. Check your inbox for the matching Instagram Story to help you share!

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