Why You Should Apply for Sephora Squad 2022: Your Questions Answered

Suzannah Tarkington
March 2, 2022
Updated Feb 09, 2024

This post has been updated for 2023 - read the latest version here!

It’s time to Squad up! We’re entering our 4th year of the #SephoraSquad program. We’re excited to announce that the 2022 #SephoraSquad applications are officially open, and we’d like to invite you to learn more & apply. We’re looking for the most authentic and inspiring voices in the beauty space to take part in this one-of-a-kind, year-long paid partnership with Sephora.

If you’re passionate about being part of a community where building bonds, pushing creativity, and having fun are always top priorities (along with a love of all things beauty, of course), we want to hear from you—no matter your follower count! We’re looking forward to reviewing your application.

Though applications are officially closed for 2022, read on to learn more about the #SephoraSquad program.

A bit of history

Launched in 2019, #SephoraSquad set out to recruit unique and inspiring storytellers with a diverse range of followers, points of view, and interests.

Sephora initially came to Fohr looking for a way to lean in and support creators in the beauty space in a profound and impactful way. Rather than connect with influencers for one-off campaigns, Sephora wanted to develop long-term partnerships with diverse voices in the beauty space. Sephora sought to support the beauty community as a whole by amplifying often unheard voices and stories.

We at Fohr helped Sephora build the #SephoraSquad program and have helped it evolve and grow into what it is today. #SephoraSquad features an annual application process that includes powerful follower testimonials to help select the final Squad members. Along the way, we’ve built out a robust mentorship program to guide members and direct access to both the Sephora and Fohr teams. 

What can you expect from the #SephoraSquad program?

Here are a few things you can expect from being a part of the #SephoraSquad program:

Mentorship: This includes access to training, resources, and keeping you up-to-date on what’s happening in the creator and beauty space.

Professional Development: Work on your professional skills to take with you beyond your #SephoraSquad partnership through peer and professional coaching. Get advice and tools for strategy and content creation. 

Community: #SephoraSquad immediately connects you to like-minded creators and offers networking opportunities to meet up, ask questions and find support.

Access: You’ll find opportunities to collaborate on Sephora campaigns and work with a variety of Sephora brands. You can also connect directly with Sephora’s marketing team, the team at Fohr, and the #SephoraSquad launch partners through monthly office hours. Ask any questions and meet with the team via in-person or remote events. 

Ongoing support: Rather than a one-off campaign, #SephoraSquad is a lasting relationship. #SephoraSquad alumni will always be a part of the community.  

Opportunities: Of course, #SephoraSquad offers fun perks, free products, and the chance to work on exciting projects and campaigns.

Reach: Expand your reach with the opportunity to be amplified on Sephora’s channels or recommended for campaigns with new and existing brands at Sephora.

Why you could be a good fit for #SephoraSquad

Sephora is committed to finding a diverse group of creators representing their own powerful stories. They want to partner with creators no matter where they are along their journey. We want to hear your story. 

The #SephoraSquad is composed of creators of all experience levels and following sizes, whether you’re an up-and-coming influencer or if you have a well-established following. With the stability of a long-term paid contract and creative flexibility, you’ll learn to grow and succeed as part of this program creatively. 

Everyone can find a place to belong at Sephora.

If you are:

  • Beauty obsessed
  • Ready to actively participate, learn, network, and connect with Sephora brands and partners
  • Looking to create an impact in the community
  • Confident and ready to share your unique story

If you love:

  • Sharing honest and authentic stories of triumphs and struggles
  • Getting creative and trying any trend at least once
  • Making genuine connections and building a community
  • Exploring and talking about all things beauty

Our message to you: Take a chance on yourself

We find that many creators and influencers discount themselves before they even apply. Many are afraid to apply because they feel they don't have what it takes to be a part of the Squad, whether because of their follower count or metrics. Our message to you: Take a chance on yourself, be confident, and apply. We look for applicants with a powerful story and a unique vantage point. You truly never know what could happen.

What makes the #SephoraSquad different from other programs? 

  • Diversity is one of #SephoraSquad’s number one priorities. They want creators who represent and reflect all clients and beauty lovers in the space and represent belonging.
  • A simple application process that allows applicants to tell their personal stories.
  • Follower testimonials are part of the application process. You’ll have the opportunity for your authentic and engaged audience to advocate for you.
  • Applications are open to all, no matter your follower counts, background, or current metrics.
  • Opportunities to learn and network via this long-term partnership and various campaigns, events, gratis or product, mentorship, community, access, and opportunities with Sephora.
  • Once #SephoraSquad, always #SephoraSquad. We also continue to promote and work with Alumni members in various capacities. 

How has #SephoraSquad impacted its members? 

The #SephoraSquad has historically been a career launch for content creators. If you are eager, excited, and committed, #SephoraSquad will give back what you put into it. Hear what the Squad alum have to say:

“The networking, opportunities, and personal connections I've made on the #SephoraSquad are priceless!” - Mena Adubea @mena_adubea
“I’m excited to be part of the #SephoraSquad because it represents inclusive beauty and creativity through the eyes of so many incredibly talented people.” - Joshua Steidler, @the.joshua
“#SephoraSquad opened up so many doors for me! I’ve been able to connect with other beauty lovers and achieve things I have only dreamed about! I can’t wait to see what is next!” - Alexa Johnson, @glowopedia
“I am thrilled to be a part of the #SephoraSquad because the Sephora family is leading the way in redefining the world of beauty and I am honored to lend my voice in amplifying this message; beauty is for all.” - Edward Zo, @edwardzo

Expert Tips for Your #SephoraSquad Application

What should you do to prepare for your application?

  • While the application is not lengthy, you want to dedicate at least 20 minutes, especially for the two open-ended questions.
  • Think through your unique and personal story and what inspires you before applying. Yes, we read the entire application and take your personality into account!
  • Let your followers know that you're applying to gather those powerful testimonials! After you've gathered some, re-engage with your audience by thanking them and reposting a few.

More Tips and Tricks

  • Save the application at any time to finish later.
  • Don’t forget to submit before the deadline, April 6!
  • Be confident in yourself. All are welcome to apply, and we are looking for a diverse and enthusiastic group of partners.
  • Have your links ready to social media platforms

Questions about the program? Reach out to us at support@sephorasquad.com

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