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To us, influencers aren’t just our business—they’re an incredible group of individuals who we aim to support through education, opportunities, technology, and events.
Get Verified
As seen on your favorite influencers’ stories, sign up and apply to get your following verified.
Get Insights
Growth happens through learning and education. We provide classes for influencers on how to grow your audience, and other tricks of the trade.
Get Opportunities
We work with hundreds of brands and agencies across the globe. Once you join, you become visible to all the brands on our platform.
No bots, no problems
You've worked hard to build your audience. Verify your reach so brands know you're legit.
Compiled Stats
All of your stats
in one place
By connecting your social accounts, we are able to compile all of your stats, audience demos, engagement, and growth numbers, all in one place.
Know who your
followers are
We provide demographic information on your following, helping you understand who is following you by age, gender, location, and language—broken down for each platform.
Brand Work and Press
Show off your collaborations
Share which brands you have worked with, your collaborations, and where you’ve been mentioned.
Instagram Business Data
A date with data
Math is hard; our insights pages crunch the numbers for you.
Access to Campaigns
Start getting
more sponsored work
We choose all our campaign participants from our influencer community. Creating your profile is the first step in being added to our campaigns.
PDF Press Kits
press kits
You can download your Fohr profile with images, press and brand links and full stats, to a PDF to send along to brands.
Continuing Influencer Education
We host monthly events in our office in New York City. We cover topics like negotiation, contracts, video editing etc. If you think learning is lame, the night often devolves into a Whitney Houston dance party.
Conversations with the Industry
Fohr Ground is a weekly podcast about the folks in the influencer space hosted by Fohr’s Marketing Director, Tim Jeffreys. Hear from the people behind the posts, brands, and campaigns about their lives and how they got to where they are now. We’re excited to share this side of the influencer space to anyone who appreciates a good story.
Put Yourself Out There
Log into Fohr to access the Bulletin where you can register for opportunities, tell us you’re attending events, and answer questionnaires. We’ll shareyour information with our clients across brands and agencies who will contact you should you tickle their fancy.
Get started creating your profile
Creating a Fohr profile is free and easy. There is no minimum following and no commitment when you create an account.
Creating a Fohr profile is free and easy. There is no minimum following and no commitment when you create an account.

To keep your Fohr account accurate and up to date, we collect data from Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, and Google Analytics including photos, tweets, videos, and stats about your accounts. We do this so we can show you how your following has grown over time and calculate things like your engagement rate on Instagram.

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