10 Questions: Jessica Franklin

May 7, 2018
Last updated on
December 13, 2021

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Name: Jessica Franklin
Instagram: @Heygorjess
Website: www.heygorjess.com
Years of being an Influencer: 5

1. What does success as an influencer look like to you?
Personally, I felt successful as an influencer when I was able to leave my full-time job (well it kind if left me, that’s another story lol) and do it full time. It also means continuously having great partnerships with the brands you love.

2. Would you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert?
I’m definitely an introverted-extrovert lol. I enjoy being around my friends and family and going to events/parties. However, I definitely enjoy my alone time and sometimes avoid being surrounded by too many people. At times I find talking to people and socializing a little bit draining and that’s when my introverted side kicks in.

3. How do you try and stand out from other people with followings? What makes you different? 
The influencer world is very saturated right now with tons of different influencers so it is definitely hard to stay stand out and stay relevant. But as cliche as it sounds, the best way to stand out is to be yourself! People will follow you for you and there is always an audience who will connect with you. Also try to find something about you that makes you unique and make that apart of your niche.

4. Do you feel like blogging can provide you enough success to make a satisfactory living?
Definitely! I’m living a way more satisfactory life than I was when I worked for corporate America. I make my own schedule, travel when I want, make more money, and I’m able to do what I love. I truly feel free.

5. Who do you look to for inspiration?
I get inspired by my friends the most. Just by hanging out and talking about our dreams and aspirations inspires me to do more and dream bigger. Also travel is super inspiring for me. It gives me a new perspective and it rejuvenates me physically, emotionally and mentally.

6. What’s the hardest thing about your job?
The hardest part of my job is feeling like I have to constantly post and stay relevant on social media. It can be draining and overwhelming sometimes but I’m learning that balance is key and that it’s important to unplug when needed.

7. What’s your favorite image that you’ve ever taken?
I have a few but this is one of my favorite shoots! It was so glam, chic, and mature. A little bit different than my usual looks! (Taken by Denisse Benitez - @chasingdenisse on IG)


8. Where is the influencer landscape headed - will your job exist in 5 years?
This is a very good question and I ask myself this all the time. The internet and technology is constantly changing -- and very quickly. I think business and brands are investing in influencers now more than ever before, but who knows how the industry will change 5 years from now. With that being said I think it’s important to have a back up and think of where else the influencer space can take you. Whether it’s to help you create your own brand/product, to help you get on television, etc. I think it’s an amazing tool to get you to the next step but for me I’m not sure if I want it to be my end goal. I also think that if social media does change, then influencers can adapt with it. Just how some people built their platforms on tumblr and moved to Instagram, the same can happen if Instagram no longer is the strongest platform.

9. What has being an influencer done to your self image / self confidence?
I can’t tell if this is shallow or not lol but I will say it has helped my self image and self confidence. I’ve always been confident as an adult, so I don’t think being an influencer gave me confidence. But receiving positive comments and such whenever I post a photo is obviously an ego booster lol.

10. If someone were starting out today, what advice would you give that person?
I would say to make sure you are passionate about it because it is not always easy. It took me 3 years to really start seeing the fruits of my labor so I definitely had to be patient. It took long nights, many hours, rejection, and even some tears. But if it’s what you love and really desire then nothing can stop you.

10 Questions is a series where Fohr asks influencers, well, 10 questions to influencers Past guest include Phil Valles and Esther Santer. 

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