10 Questions: Esther Santer

January 10, 2018
Last updated on
December 13, 2021


Name: Esther Santer
Instagram: @esthersanter
Website: esthersanter.com
Years of being an Influencer: 5 years

1. What does success as an influencer look like to you?
When I set goals and reach them, that’s success. When I surpass my goals and receive collab requests from companies I only dreamed of working with, that’s winning.

2. Would you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert?
I’m a fierce networker, but probably fall somewhere in the middle.

3. How do you try and stand out from other people with followings? What makes you different?
My blog goes behind the scenes of the fashion and blogging industry. I discuss topics that aren’t always openly talked about online, like the blogger hierarchy, getting screwed over with a contract, and the mistakes brands are making when reaching out to influencers. My blog serves as a resource and an insider’s look into the industry while showcasing my personal style.

4. Do you feel like blogging can provide you enough success to make a satisfactory living
Blogging has the potential to be extremely lucrative, but it requires a lot of hustle, persistence, and patience. Learning to negotiate well definitely helps too.

5. Who do you look to for inspiration?
I’m constantly inspired by the other bloggers I follow on Instagram.

6. What’s the hardest thing about your job?
I’m a full-time blogger and hand’s down the hardest part of my job is shooting in freezing temperatures. Deadlines don’t go away just because it’s snowing outside. The second hardest part is editing photos. It’s a constant learning process and after 5 years, I’m still trying to master consistency.

7. What’s your favorite image that you’ve ever taken?
I don’t really have a favorite image, but my absolute favorite shoot was at the Bethesda Fountain and Bow Bridge. It was a gorgeous day, my hair looked bomb, and the photos all came out beautiful.

8. Where is the influencer landscape headed - will your job exist in 5 years?
I believe influencer marketing will still exist in 5 years, but the standards will continue to rise, the social media trends will change, and the blogging industry itself will become more defined.

9. What has being an influencer done to your self image / self confidence?
In some ways being an influencer has hurt my confidence and in others, it’s made me feel like a boss lady. It’s hard not to compare myself to other bloggers who are growing faster or seem to own a Chanel bag for every day of the week, but I always get my confidence back as soon as I remind myself of some of the insane opportunities I’ve had through blogging.

10. If someone were starting out today, what advice would you give that person?
Focus on the photography. If your photos are amazing, people will follow and brands will notice.

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