Platform Update: Shareable Groups

June 24, 2020
Updated Sep 19, 2023

New: Shareable Groups

We know how powerful it is to have helpful tools that streamline work processes – that’s why we aim to create them. Great processes empower teams to work together more efficiently and effortlessly. And here at Fohr, we are committed to helping our clients do just that. 

So today, we’re very excited to introduce our latest iteration of Groups. Introducing, Shareable Groups

Knowing that our Subscription clients across brands and agencies are constantly building influencer Groups, circulating them, and collecting feedback from their teams, we created a seamless way to spearhead this process – both with internal and external partners. 

Save time and steps

Currently, Groups are the best way to organize influencers, and to share them internally for your team to view. But with the addition of this tool, Groups also offer the best way to collect feedback, both from Fohr and Non-Fohr brand and agency users.  

Added Capabilities 

  • Effectively collaborate with your team and gather their feedback in the form of thumbs up, thumbs down and comments 
  • Leave Context for your team members 
  • Keep all Group related information in one place 
  • Avoid back and forth email chains with external partners
  •  Access preview views of each influencer within the Group

Better ways to share: Sharing a Group

shareable 1.png

So, as a Group Owner, let’s walk through the steps of sharing a group to collect feedback from your team.

  • Pick the Group you’d like to share
  • Enter Context next to each influencer within your Group
  • Click on the ‘Share Group’ button at the top of your Group page. This action will copy a secure URL to your clipboard
  • Send the copied URL to your internal team partners, or Non Fohr users
  • Allow for Recipients to leave feedback
  • Jump back into your Group, and head to the ‘Shared Results tab to review feedback

Group Owner View

As the Group Owner, you will have access to the newly added Shared Results Tab. By clicking into this section, you will immediately see how many people have reviewed, approved, declined  and commented on each influencer within your list.

shareable 3.png

Now, let’s go through the steps of leaving feedback as a Shareable Group Recipient: 

  • Review a summary of influencers and their topline stats including their 6 most engaged images
  • Approve an influencer by hitting "Like" (check symbol)
  • Decline an influencer by hitting "Dislike" (X symbol)
  • Comment on influencers so the Group Owner can better understand your decision to approve or decline an influencer

Group Recipient View 

As a brand or agency team member, you may end up on the receiving end of a Fohr Shareable Group. As a recipient, you will have the ability to review influencer content previews, give a thumbs up and thumbs down on influencer within the Group, and leave comments to share feedback with the Group Owner.

shareable 2.png

We are thrilled to release Shareable Groups to help streamline your workflows and gather feedback to hone in on the best partners for your brand.

Shareable Groups FAQ:

Q: What are Shareable Groups?

Shareable Groups offer a way for a Group Owner to share a Group, and collect and review influencer feedback from their colleagues. 

Q: Do Shareable Group recipients need a Fohr login to leave feedback?

No. When an external user clicks on the URL, they will be prompted to identify themselves by email address. Providing an email address will allow the Group Owner to identify users who like, dislike, and comment on influencers, and will also give the user the ability to come back and update their feedback.

Q: Can I make anonymous comments as a Group Recipient? 

No. In order to view a group, like, dislike or leave comments, external users will need to submit their email address - the group owner will always know who is leaving feedback. 

Q: Who can make actual edits to the group? 

Only Fohr brand users can make edits, by adding or removing influencers from a particular group. External users are able to leave feedback, but cannot make actual changes to influencers within the Group.

Q: As the Group Owner, who can see my Context Notes?

Any recipient of the Shareable Group URL will be able to see the Group Owner’s Context. 

Q: As a Group Recipient, who can see my Comments?

Only the Group Owner will be able to see users’ comments. Other recipients will not be able to see your comments. 

Q: Will Comments or Context be saved in Fohr?

Any Comments or Context submitted into a Shareable Group will only remain within the Group. In other words, Comments and Context will not be saved on Influencer Profiles, or anywhere else aside from the Shareable Group you are working in. 

Do you have any questions? If you do, feel free to contact Otherwise, you can get started by logging into Fohr and starting your first Shareable Group.

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