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Love Notes for Fohr

“AMP is a great tool to organize, analyze and recruit potential Ambassadors for the brand. Before using AMP we used a fairly manual process to keep track of potential Ambassadors, but now the process is more automated and includes even more information about the individuals.”
“The FOHR Ambassador Management Platforms provides a more seamless way to build meaningful relationships amongst our community. We now have even more access to bring in new customers and increase brand loyalty.”
“Our favorite AMP feature would have to be the Content tab. It’s great to have a section compiled of all ambassadors content – easy to review and helpful stats for reporting.”
“AMP makes my life easier by removing so many of the manual tasks of influencer marketing. I have reduced my need for most spreadsheets as now I can do everything in one place! It is so helpful to be able to keep track of gifting, organize influencers by groups, and reach out to influencers all on one platform.”

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