By Francis Bott

New York City's newest tourist attraction - meet Agador and Fred

New York, NY, United States

Agador and Freddie are brothers who dress in cute clothes and glasses that along with their fun personalities make people laugh and smile. They have become very popular with the New York and International Press, have been on the local news, national TV, TV commercials, and regularly recognized wherever they go. Poochofnyc and Littlefreddietinkles were originally created on the Instagram social media platform by the very talented Allan Monteron. Today, Allan and partner Francis Bott collaborate on creating cheeky daily posts with the assistance of their cute dogs Agador (known for his fantastic fro) and Fred (known for looking like a chicken nugget). The Instagram/Facebook/Twitter photo posts are shot with a full frame DSLR for the ultimate quality on social media platforms and the captions are created as a comic relief to one's daily stresses.

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