We have a self-serve platform that makes impossible things possible

Making the process a pleasure

Influencer marketing is getting more complex and we make it a heck of a lot simpler. For years, we have been making technology that makes hard things easy, mundane ones delightful and the impossible possible.
We are
We were the first influencer platform, and we understand influencer marketing better than anyone else. We helped build this industry, and we have the expertise to show for it.
We are
Ask any of our 100,000+ influencers and hundreds of brand clients, and they’ll tell you they love Fohr. And while love isn’t all you need, it sure helps.
We are
In a world where campaign success is hard to measure and fake followers are (sometimes literally) a dime a dozen, our proprietary technology ensures clients get measurable results.
Tools you didn’t know you needed,
but now you can’t live without
Find Just About Anyone
Need 30 influencers in Dallas who have kids and love whiskey? Need it in 10 minutes? With our filters and search tool, it’s easy.
No More Excel Documents
Stop copying and pasting Instagram handles, follower counts and engagement data into Excel. With Groups, you can seamlessly export influencers—along with all their data—into a PDF or CSV.
Self Serve Campaigns
For the first time ever, we’re opening our campaign management technology to clients. Create project briefs, send offers, pull comprehensive reports, and more.
Analytics You Can Actually Use
No one likes making reports, so let us do it for you. Our reporting tools show campaign-wide demographics, follower health, and content performance insights, all in a template that’s surprisingly easy on the eyes.
Your Influencer Cheatsheet
With our profiles, you’ll get to know influencers and their channels better than the back of your hand. Access information including sponsored content percentage, audience demographics, recent brand work and most engaged posts – all in one place.
Get The Vip List
We curate lists so you don’t have to. Get access to who is attending Coachella, getting engaged, walking in the Pride parade, or publishing holiday gift guides.
Work With People, Who Reach People
Our Verified Reach tool identifies influencers’ average True Reach – the portion of their audience that is actually seeing their posts – and compares it to the average for their following tier. So you can make sure you’re working with partners who effectively speak to their audiences.
Find Niche Partners
We heard you’re looking for content. Search tens of millions of pieces of content by hashtag, tag, mention or keyword.
Matches made in heaven
Leverage Bulletin, our influencer dashboard where creatives can raise their hands for opportunities. You’ll be able to review all influencers who have registered their interest without any obligation.
Here when you need us
We’re here to help. Each of our clients has a dedicated account manager to offer advice, support, or pick up the bar tab.
Weekly influencer insights
Get the latest influencer trends and tips in a weekly email from Fohr CEO James Nord.
100,000+ and growing
Our community of influencers is what makes Fohr special. Our size and scale means unprecedented access to data—so you can find whoever you need whenever you need them.
We have proof
See how NetJets used Fohr
Learn how NetJets used our platform to execute an amazing campaign with 5 top tier influencers.
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We don’t expect you to buy before you try.
Creating a Fohr profile is free and easy. There is no minimum following and no commitment when you create an account.
We don’t expect you to buy before you try.
Creating a Fohr profile is free and easy. There is no minimum following and no commitment when you create an account.

To keep your Fohr account accurate and up to date, we collect data from Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, and Google Analytics including photos, tweets, videos, and stats about your accounts. We do this so we can show you how your following has grown over time and calculate things like your engagement rate on Instagram.

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