Subscription Coordinator

Fohr Card is an influencer marketing platform that helps brands and agencies effectively execute their influencer projects. We are hiring a coordinator level role to work in our SoHo office.

You will be responsible for executing micro-influencer campaigns for a variety of our clients (mainly in fashion and beauty), as well as supporting the subscription team with administrative and client support tasks as necessary. Subscriptions provide brands and agencies access to our software which helps them to manage their own influencer market efforts.

Qualities for Success

- Organization skills are key for the success of this role. You’ll be dealing with a hefty number of influencer emails, as well working on several different client projects daily, so being orderly and managing
- Since you’ll be constantly chatting to influencers about campaigns and preparing copy for influencer briefing pages, having strong communications + writing skills is both important and necessary for this job
- Sometimes our deadlines are a bit tighter than we hope for, so we’re looking to hire someone who has the ability to turn around projects quickly and without error
- Because this position is by nature multifaceted, having a keen eye for detail will also pave your way to prosperity

What You Will Do

Campaign Execution
- Compile lists of on-brand influencers from Fohr Card’s platform for different clients
- Create campaign influencer briefing pages including copywriting + moodboards surrounding client provided themes + key messaging
- Invite influencers to participate in campaigns
- Negotiate influencer compensation for campaigns
- Manage influencer contracts for campaigns if required
- Consistently communicate with influencers to ensure they understand the brief, deliverables, content guidelines, deadlines, etc.
- Monitor and track influencers’ posts as they go live
- Build campaign reports
- Copywriting for summaries of the campaigns mission, strategy, execution and results
- Analyze campaign performance and report on content, posts, impressions, engagement rates, and overall success, as well as lessons learned for future campaigns

- Creating platform logins and brand pages for clients
- Create contracts for clients who have signed on with us
- Update influencer payouts in our system
- Create monthly reports for clients
- Spearhead outreach to grow our community of influencers on the platform

Who You Are

A person who is hardworking and flexible would be an excellent fit both for this position and for our team, which is made up of 20 innovative, efficient, and collaborative slayers.

While we are a robust bunch, and we take our mission incredibly seriously, we also try to take ourselves a little less seriously

We want you to develop and grow here, so creative freedom is widely accepted and encouraged - and we would love nothing more than to hear any ideas you may have.

  • Full-Time
  • New York City
  • $35k - $45k
  • Insurance & Metrocard