Product Design Manager

Fohr has cultivated a large network of social media brand managers and social media influencers over the past seven years through our industry-leading products. Product design managers act as stewards of Fohr's products and are given access to the resources and assistance they need to help increase usage, consistency, and clarity of our products.

We are looking for a design manager who has a passion for social media and understands the importance of leveraging it to expand brand and influencer's goals. They will be overseeing two of our most important offerings,, and our internal campaign tool. These products have a huge potential for growth and we are looking for someone who can partner on a vision to see it come to life.

A product design manager's role at Fohr is to help improve the products under their leadership through:
- Manage internal and external design resources
- Architect and implement a reusable design system
- Drive clear user experiences
- Inspire their team with a passion for their product

One way success could be painted is:
Over the past two weeks, you've worked with the product managers, designers, engineers, and stakeholders to build a clearer scope for the upcoming features and products. To do so you've partnered on user journeys, built low fidelity designs to drive clarity, and presented a design budget per feature. When scopes were locked you built and delegated tasks for your team and communicated how the expanding design system library would be used.

Over the course of six weeks, you've worked together with your design team on building out versions of the features. You and your team drive confidence across product design decisions through documented research and data. Throughout that time you've worked closely with your team to help make sure the designs are consistent with existing design systems and the features KPIs. You've ensured as the design has been passed to engineering that processes are in place to give clear direction and have built opportunities for your team to meet with engineers to Q/A the work.

You spend the next two weeks after the features are released working to actualize the design budgets and monitoring the usage KPI's using a mix of Google Analytics, Hotjar, and Mixpanel. You'll use this information to request tweaks for the next product cycle.

Each month you’ll meet directly with the VP of Product to discuss your responsibilities and how you are improving in accomplishing them.

- Manage internal and external design resources
- Create clear responsibilities and accountability structures for your team
- Architect and manage quality products
- Drive a culture of ownership and community
- Collaborate cross-functionally with product management, engineering, and agency stakeholders to ensure a timely product development process
- Facilitate designers continuous learning and growth
- Lead regular design reviews, critiques, and ideation sessions for team members
- Lead product design tasks

Each month you’ll meet with the VP of Product to review your team’s accountability metrics.

Product Quality (usability, design system adherence)
 - Usability improved from previous released features and products
 - Usability improved from all features and projects
 - Design System improved from previous version

Release Times
 - How many projects went out on time?
 - How many projects didn't go out on time?
 - How many projects did we need to scope down?

Design Budget
 - How much design time and money was spent on features?
 - How much design time and money was spent on fixing mistakes?
 - How else was the design budget spent?

Team Development
 - How many team members hit their deadlines?
 - How did team members grow in their areas of passion?
 - How did team members strengthen their weaknesses?

We are looking for someone who has:
- 2+ years managing a product design team
- 4+ years of experience in digital product design or related fields
- Proven leadership experience that demonstrates the success of your team and product
- Professional experience and competence in the following: user research, user experience design, interaction design, design prototyping, and multi-channel design systems

We base our salaries on industry standards based on our location and company size.

Participation in the company-sponsored medical, dental and vision plan and commuter benefits program.
  • Full-Time
  • New York City
  • Insurance & Metrocard