Engagement Manager / Executive Assistant

We are looking for a service-oriented, highly organized and passionate team member to help us provide communication management, research management, and administrative support to the CEO and executive team. This role will work closely with our CEO, James Nord, and be responsible for helping to assure Fohr’s office is a great place to work. We are looking for a hard-working individual who is an expert in taking on any task, big or small. This person must be extremely detail-oriented, have strong multi-tasking skills, and be able to work closely with the CEO and executive team through a range of administrative tasks in an exciting, fast-paced industry.

About You:

  • — Highly communicative: You believe that many issues and challenges won’t arise if you communicate well. 

  • — Attention to detail: You love details. You believe that no detail is trivial and thrive on feedback to hone skills that allow you to contribute to Fohr’s vision.

  • — Learning: You thrive on advancing your skills and knowledge and have done your share of self-learning. You can adapt quickly based on the needs of the company or to the executive team and you have a strong commitment to growth through learning new things.

  • — Thinking ahead: You enjoy thinking one step ahead for the people you work for, solving needs before they even arise in anyone’s mind.

  • — Skilled at prioritization: You spend your time exclusively on things that are most important to accomplish for the day; You have the ability to quickly zero in on the ‘critical few’ and put the ‘trivial many’ aside. You commit to understanding the priorities of the company and to the CEO so that you can make them yours as well.

  • — Problem solver: You understand when it’s time to take a step back and evaluate how to best solve a given (expected or unexpected) challenge. No matter what went wrong, you believe there is a solution to it and you are going to find it.

  • — Multitasker: You’re not afraid to juggle various tasks at a time.

  • — Service Oriented: You’re a great listener, you ask the right questions, and clarify if anything seems unclear.

Responsibilities include:

1. Assist CEO and Leadership Team:

  • Calendar Management 

    • — Manage the CEO’s time based closely on their priorities. Act as the gatekeeper of his time by making sure his Google Calendar matches up with his most important focus and priorities. 

    • — Expertly maintain and update the calendar in a fast-paced  environment with many competing priorities including fielding all incoming scheduling requests, prioritizing meetings communicating with all parties and ensuring that meetings  are set up for success

    • — Create follow-up emails and confirm appointments

    • — Add or update calendar events

    • — Plan ahead for future interactions that Fohr might want to add to their network

  • Communication/Written Management

  • Record information collected from the meeting owner in a contact database

  • Perform various internet research-based projects and business prospect research

  • Receive and transcribe email dictations for CEO 

  • Create email drafts for the CEO based on his unique style/tone

  • Take notes during leadership or one-on-one meetings

  • Greet guests on a daily basis with a pleasant, can-do attitude

2. Daily Office Operations:

  • — Work closely with our CEO to assure our office environment is a supportive place to work

  • — Book travel and accommodations for the CEO and any other team members who are traveling with the CEO

  • — Run office errands for the CEO and be open to taking on any other projects to help Fohr run smoothly

  • — Help plan/prep for various Fohr events


  • 3 years of prior work experience

  • Strong computer skills including a strong understanding of G Suites

  • Native English Speaker

  • Full-Time
  • New York City
  • Insurance & Metrocard