Account Manager - Campaign Team

As a key member of the campaigns team, you will independently manage and deepen the relationships on key high value accounts and serve as a leader to junior employees within the team. Your role will primarily involve executing influencer campaigns through Fohr technology, acting as the liaison between influencers and brand/agency.

You will work closely with the sales and product teams to retain our clients and maintain Fohr’s positioning as a premium, market leading, tech driven solution to influencer marketing. This role comes with a high level of autonomy and leadership opportunity.

General Duties
- Seek progress over perfection. Each campaign is a learning to improve for the next.
- Regardless of the situation the client should feel that this person has their best interests in mind, are looking out for them, and are taking care of them by communicating concerns, driving the ship, and diplomatically redirecting when needed
- Independently problem-solving while effectively managing up, communicating issues as they arise, and communicating ongoing client or influencer difficulties
- Is a team player, not solely concerned with individual problems 
- Understand the value of each client and influencer relationship
- Altruistically cheering others on for big and small wins
- Being able to quickly adapt to an ever-changing client or internal need with a positive attitude and professionally communicate qualms
- Act as quality brand advocate between influencer and brand
- All client communication should be provided in a thoughtful and strategic manner
- Showcasing leadership and acting as an example for junior employees on the team
- Appropriately prioritizing clients or discussing priorities with upper management
- Practicing intuition in reading into a clients' feelings and reacting accordingly

Bottom line - Work with trust. As a small business with big goals, this is of paramount importance to us. Without it, communication breaks and things fall apart. When we trust each other, we can trust that our individual actions all work towards the same shared goals.

Fohr is a small but mighty company in which everyone wears many hats. The above job description is designed to give an overview of the main tasks and responsibilities of this position, though opportunity exists for you to go above and beyond these duties to carve out your own path within the company. 
  • Full-Time
  • New York City
  • Insurance & Metrocard