ManTripping with James Hills

By James Hills

Men's Lifestyle and Travel Blog dedicated to engaging with confident men who know what they want and aspire to succeed in life at at home, work, and at play.

San Diego

I started ManTripping as a men's lifestyle blog that focused on travel in 2008 after working on consulting projects for several women's lifestyle and travel blogs. At the time, men's lifestyle blogs catered to college aged kids looking for pictures scantily clad ladies and promoting a men behaving badly type of lifestyle. That wasn't me and I wanted to develop a blog that reflected my lifestyle as a man who loves to travel, explore new places, taste new cocktails, and eat new foods with my best friends. Not one to back away from an opportunity or a challenge, I launched later that year. For more than 9 years, ManTripping has been a leading male lifestyle blog and one of most respected blogs that covers a range of Men's Lifestyle and Travel topics. In 2014, my wife Heather (and our dog Niki Belle) joined the team, along with several other contributors. During this expansion, our focus areas increased to embrace a complete look at additional Men's Lifestyle topics including cars, gear, food, style, fitness, information for dads and sons, dog friendly travel, and of course - "Romantic Getaways".

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