Class of 2018    •    NYC

Introducing the Fohr Freshman Class

Fohr Freshman Class launched in early October to help us highlight some of the industry’s most exceptional (yet underrated) content creators. We’ve since selected 10 influencers out of countless worthy applicants. These individuals represent the underrepresented: from Chandler, Arizona, to Brighton, United Kingdom—they emanate positivity for bodies and for age, offer insight on intersectional feminism, motherhood, and menswear, and all-around create amazing content from their unique and inimitable perspectives.

Catherine Grace O'Connell
Catherine Grace O'Connell is an age-positive fashion blogger based in Redondo Beach, California. She wants to show younger folks that you can embrace midlife—not fear it.
Yvette Corinne
Yvette Ward is a Texas-raised lifestyle influencer based in Los Angeles, California. She specializes in fashion, skincare, and natural hair.
David Cano
David Cano is a Puerto Rican and Peruvian lifestyle blogger from Pasadena, California. Fun fact: he’s also a classically trained violinist.
Kate Terentieva
Kate Terentieva is an art director and fashion influencer from Atlanta, Georgia. She inspires her audience to pursue their creative passions.
Annabelle Schmitt
Annabelle Schmitt is a feminist fashion and lifestyle influencer from Washington, DC. She runs a blog about fashion, feminism, and her mixed Taiwanese and white identity: Mixed Hues.
Alysse Santiago
Alysse Dalessandro is a queer plus size fashion blogger based in Cleveland, Ohio. Her passion for social change drives much of her content.
Destin Grayson
Destin Grayson is a menswear blogger based in Columbus, Ohio. By day, he works in a nonprofit. He wants to inspire people through fashion and creative storytelling.
Ali Hemsley
Ali Hemsley is a fashion influencer with a focus on chronic illness, mental health and fitness. She’s based in Brighton, United Kingdom.