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Over the last few years, the call for more diversity in the influencer space has gotten louder and louder, and at Fohr, we want to use our platform as a leader in the space to amplify that message for more diversity and help provide opportunities for underrepresented voices. Fohr Freshman Class is a pilot program that is meant to provide mentorship, access and networking opportunities to influencers who typically have been excluded by the industry.

Why we're doing it

We started Fohr because we wanted to even the playing field and create a platform that would give all influencers, regardless of who they knew or where they lived, a chance to work with the world’s best brands. With Fohr Freshman Class, we are doubling down and amplifying the call for diversity in the industry. We are aware of how societal barriers prevent many talented influencers from being discovered and we want to use our platform to change that.

Fohr Freshman Class is open to all influencers who remain underrepresented in the industry. We encourage influencers of all races, ethnicities, religions, ages, body types, and sexual orientations to apply to be part of our first Freshman Class.

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What is Freshman Class?

Fohr Freshman Class is a lot of things: an educational retreat, a time to network with other influencers, a chance for up and coming influencers to get in front of our hundreds of brands, but our main hope is that it opens the door for the winners to gain access to opportunities and further their careers.

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How can I apply?

Influencers will apply via a free application process. Any influencer on Fohr, regardless of size, is eligible to be admitted into Fohr Freshman Class. This is an inclusive program, giving equal opportunity to any influencer regardless of location, follower count, or vertical.

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How It Works

Step 1

Join Fohr

You must be a registered on Fohr to apply. Applications from influencers who aren’t on Fohr will not be accepted. Sign up here.

Step 3

Get Testimonials

Testimonials from your followers will be judged as well. After you apply, you’ll receive custom Instagram Stories to share with your followers about Fohr Freshman Class. We encourage you to share them with your audience. The more testimonials, the better!

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Key Dates

Once applications close, a diverse panel comprised of individuals inside and outside of Fohr will select the Fohr Freshman Class based on application responses, testimonials, stats, and content.

Members of Fohr Freshman Class will be awarded an all-expenses paid trip to New York in November for a week of learning, fun, and education.

October 14 at 11:59pm

Applications close

October 22

Winners notified

November 5

Winners publicly announced

November 14 - 16

Campus week

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Campus Week

Members of Fohr’s inaugural Freshman Class will have an all-expense paid
 trip to New York in early November. Their itinerary is below:

Day 1

Welcome Dinner & Drinks

Start the trip off on right with an intimate dinner with your fellow classmates, brands, and Fohr team members.

Day 2


We want to put our Freshmen to the test and let them show off a bit. They will receive an assignment and will present on their brief during Campus Week both to the Fohr team and their peers.


Immersive Courses

Throughout the day, the Freshmen will have a chance to learn from Fohr team members and other top personalities in the influencer marketing industry.


Mentorship Sessions

Each Freshman will be paired with a Mentor, an influencer in their industry who can guide and inform. They will have 1-on-1 sessions with the goal of learning and inspiring.


Recognition Ceremony

On the second night, we’ll honor the Freshmen with a party including some of the best brands and influencers in the space. During the party, we’ll present each Freshman with a class jacket and honor them before the group.

Day 3

Closing Breakfast

Recap last night’s party in style—before you head on your way.

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Where you'll stay

Our friends at Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown will provide you the chicest dorm rooms ever, and you’ll be bunking up with one of your fellow classmates for the trip in the lap of luxury. Be sure to thank them with a photo or two.

Housed in one of the city’s tallest residential towers and designed by renowned architect Robert A.M. Stern, Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown soars above a neighborhood that’s rewriting itself every day. Diverse, inspiring, current – this is Downtown New York, at the crossroads of Tribeca and the Financial District, and just a block from One World Trade Center.

Four Seasons Hotel
New York Downtown
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Meet the mentors

Sam White
Ryan Clark
Janelle Lloyd
Sai De Silva
Caitlyn Warakomski
Tyla-Lauren Gilmore
Andrea Maria
Jeremy Jacobowitz
Luke Ditella
Cassandra DiMicco

Continuing Education

At the end of this program, we want the Freshmen to leave inspired and more knowledgeable than when they arrived. We know change doesn’t come over 48 hours, so during the weeks and months following Campus Week, we will be having weekly calls to help our Freshmen negotiate deals, advise them on brand partnerships, and in general be a resource for them.

More questions: reach out to

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Need to know more? Feel free to email us anytime.

What is Freshman Class?
Fohr Freshman Class is a group of influencers who have been traditionally ignored. They’re not newcomers or names you’ve already heard, but once you meet them, you’ll know why they’re the next big thing.
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How can I get in Freshman Class?
It’s easy: just apply on this page.
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Why should I apply?
It’s your chance to get on the radar of brands and audiences you may not have reached before. If selected, you’ll get the opportunity to pitch to the Fohr team, meet top brands and agencies, as well as mingle with fellow influencers. Also, who doesn't want an all-expense paid trip to NYC?
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Does it cost to apply?
No, there is no application fee. If selected as a winner, your flight, hotel, food, and drinks in New York are on us.
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Is there a minimum or maximum follower requirement?
No — we’re looking for a unique perspective and an engaged audience. Follower count doesn’t matter here.
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How is the Freshman Class selected?
After you submit your application, our team will review each influencer individually, looking at a multitude of factors like application materials and incoming testimonials
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What types of influencers can apply?
Any! Lifestyle, food, beauty, DIY, underwater basket weaving… we look forward to reviewing influencers from all walks of life. Don’t worry if you think your niche is “too niche” — we highly recommend you apply.
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If I don’t have a testimonial, can I still be selected?
Yes, but testimonials definitely help your case.
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Can I nominate people to Freshman Class?
Sorry folks: we do not accept submissions on behalf of an influencer.
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Who are past winners?
This is our inaugural Freshman Class.
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Is it limited to the US?
No. Applicants from the all over the world are encouraged to apply.
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Do I have to be a member of Fohr to apply?
Yes! Joining our community is also free. You can sign up here. Be sure to connect all relevant social media accounts.
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When will winners be notified?
Winners will be notified in mid-October. Public announcement will be on October 29.
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Can I come to the event?
Please stay tuned for details on how guests can attend the party where the Freshman Class will be recognized.
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Is there a minimum age to apply?
Yes. Applicants must be at least 21 to apply.
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Class of 2018    •    NYC

The next top influencers
 are already here.

Fohr is looking for the next wave of influencers - smart, driven, creatives, who have been traditionally ignored to be a part of Fohr’s inaugural Freshman Class. If you this is you - apply below!