October 12, 2018    •    8am - 6pm    •    Crosby Street Hotel, NYC

On October 12th, class is in session.

We are packing the day with keynotes and panels with prominent, insightful influencers and hands-on workshops led by our team of experts. No buzzwords, no BS—just straight to the business of influence.

We're creating a place for influencers to learn things they’ll actually use

Whether that’s best business practices, crafting a unique perspective on your feed, we’ll show you how to thrive in the classroom and in real life. A good mix of both is a must for success.

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Meet your professors

Our professors come from all walks of life — influencers and brands alike. They’ve found success and don’t have plans on stopping anytime soon. You’ll be learning from the best.

Tessa Barton
Patrick Janelle
Igee Okafor
James Nord
Denny Balmaceda
Sai De Silva
Jeremy Mitchell

Sneak in a party on Thursday, October 11th

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5:00pm - 7:00pm
Welcome Happy Hour
Stop by the Fohr office in SoHo to kick off the conference. Speakers, peers, and members of the Fohr team will be in attendance. Drinks and new friends are guaranteed.

Get ready to learn on Friday, October 12th

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8:00am – 9:00am
Breakfast & Welcome
Start your day off with breakfast and coffee from the Crosby. Catch up with your new friends before heading to class.
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9:00am – 12:00pm
Talks & Panels
Hear from some of the most respected personalities in the game. They’ll delve into their unique experiences as well as and tips and tricks to stay ahead. Be ready for advice and knowledge you can use right away.
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12:00pm – 1:00pm
Everyone’s favorite school subject. Refresh and replenish with a spread from the Crosby before jumping into your next study session. Chat with peers, speakers, and the Fohr team.
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1:00pm – 5:00pm
Workshops & Keynote
Get back to class. It’s time for your workshop led by Fohr account directors where you’ll get to discuss with your peers in small groups. End the day with a keynote by Fohr CEO James Nord on the future of influencer marketing.
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Happy Hour
Time to relax—you’ve earned it! Put the books away and celebrate with a bottle or two of bubbly. Everyone loves a good graduation party.

Crosby Street Hotel:
79 Crosby St
New York, NY 10012
Friday, October 12
8am - 6pm

Between Prince and Spring, The Crosby Street Hotel sits on a cobbled street in the heart of New York’s vibrant SoHo neighborhood. Close to shopping, restaurants, and opportunities for spontaneous photo sessions.

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Flying in and need a place to stay?

Our friends at 11 Howard are providing a special rate for Fohr U students staying from Oct 11-14. Please contact us for more information and book your stay before Sep 11.

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    A day packed with keynotes, panels, and hands-on workshops
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    Speakers who succeeded in the business and are still going
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    Breakfast, lunch and booze at the ever chic Crosby Street Hotel
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    Networking time with people you actually want to talk to
Early Enrollment
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General Enrollment
General enrollment becomes available on 9/1
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Need to know more? Feel free to email us anytime.

What is Fohr U: School of Business & Influence?
It's a hands-on day of learning and networking tailored especially for influencers — macro and micro alike.
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Why should I attend this conference?
This conference goes beyond influencer marketing. After all, you need a healthy balance of good business and creative influence to succeed in the industry. Take notes on general business advice and matters as specific as transitioning your feed to sponsored content. Who knows — you may even apply this stuff to your day job.
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How do I register / buy tickets?
You can register and buy tickets on this site or click here.
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Where’s the venue?
In short: SoHo, New York City. To be specific: Crosby Street Hotel at 79 Crosby St, New York, NY 10012.
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When is it?
Friday, October 12 from 8am - 6pm
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Are food and drink included?
Included in price of admission is a tasty breakfast and lunch provided by the Crosby on the day of the conference. At 5pm we’ll switch to booze with an Happy Hour full of premium spirits. The day before, you’re more than welcome to join us in our SoHo office for a Happy Hour to get acquainted with your fellow influencers and members of our team.
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How many people will attend?
There will be about 100 people in attendance.
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Are there refunds?
There are no refunds.
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How much does it cost?
Tickets cost $300 pre-enrollment and $400 for general.
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Can I bring guests?
Guests will need to enroll themselves.
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I work at a brand or agency. Can I attend?
You sure can, but do know that the day will be catered towards influencers. That being said, the insights we’ll share will be useful for anyone in the business of influencer marketing.
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Will there be a brand conference?
Yes! We actually held our brand conference, Fohr U: School of Arts & Sciences, earlier this year in June. Stay tuned for our next one. Brands can stay up to date by signing up to our mailing list here.
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Do I have to stay the entire time?
You’re more than welcome to come and go as you please.
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Will there be any audio or video recordings?
There are currently no plans for any recordings.
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Can I create content at the conference?
Of course! Just remember to tag us @fohr.co on Instagram or use #FohrU if you’re into hashtags.
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I’m an influencer on Fohr. Do I get a discount?
Unfortunately, we are unable to give discounts to Fohr users.
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Can I pay in installments?
Yes! When you purchase your ticket in August, you have the option to pay in three installments. If you purchase in September, you can pay in two installments.
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