Leave a testimonial for Codou's Way

Codou's Way has applied to be part of the Fohr Freshman Class 2018 and they need your help.

A bit of background: Fohr Freshman Class is a pilot program that is meant to provide mentorship, access and networking opportunities to influencers who typically have been excluded by the industry. We are aware of how societal barriers prevent many talented influencers from being discovered and we want to use our platform to change that. We encourage influencers of all races, ethnicities, religions, ages, body types, and sexual orientations to apply to be part of our first Freshman Class.

A panel of individuals (both independent of and from Fohr) will review all applications and you can help Codou's Way by leaving a testimonial below. Tell us what you love about Codou's Way, or how Codou's Way has inspired you since you started following them and why you think they should be part of the Fohr Freshman Class 2018. Writing a high quality testimonial helps strengthen their application, so thanks so much in advance!

The deadline for submitting testimonials for Freshman Class has now closed.

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