TenFohr, October 2018

October 2, 2018
Last updated on
December 13, 2021


Last night’s TenFohr did not disappoint. A few times a year, we gather some great people into our office and listen to three of them speak for 10 minutes about anything other than their jobs. (Because, as much as we love our jobs, we love hearing what else is on everyone’s minds, too.)

Influencer Christina Caradona @troprouge taught us how to get rid of rats—she even came prepared with props and horror stories.




Account executive by day, sketch comedian by night, Tony Tirri @attirri took us through his torrid love affair… with pizza. You can find his “ex” on Instagram here.




Musician Rachel Brown @rachelbrownmusic regaled us with a spooky Airbnb story from a trip to upstate New York—and surprised us with a musical performance (Whitney Houston, anyone?).




Thank you to our speakers and to everyone who came out!

P.S. We’re always looking for speakers for our next TenFohr—if you know anyone who’d be a fit, let us know in the comments here.

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