Power Pantsuit Lunch with SuiStudio and Harry's

June 21, 2018
Last updated on
December 13, 2021

Nothing screams New York like suits in a classic steakhouse. Mahogany floors, rich-leather seating, white napkins, fresh breadbaskets, navy pinstripes, scotch, and the hum of jazz all work as separate pieces of an orchestra, together creating that unmistakable New York feel.

And while 1960's steakhouses were frequented by high-power men, the world has since then changed, to say the least. Bold, progressive, fearless and self assured, are just some ways to describe the modern-day girlboss, who has rightfully taken the power into her own hands.

And now, these women are showing 'em who's boss.

IMG_8724 2.jpg

IMG_9013 2.jpg


IMG_9047 2.jpg


IMG_8814 2.jpg

IMG_8567 2.jpg

IMG_8538 2.jpg

IMG_8784 2.jpg

IMG_8807 2.jpg

IMG_8942 2.jpg

IMG_8747 2.jpg

IMG_8853 2.jpg

IMG_8710 2.jpg


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