The New Search Fo(h)r Excellence

September 21, 2015
Last updated on
December 13, 2021

A wise man once said: "The noblest search is the search for excellence." 

And we at Fohr Card couldn't agree more. That's why we're introducing the all-new Fohr Card Search feature - to make your search for excellence just that much easier.

We all know the Internet would be nothing without a search engine to navigate it. Similarly, without the ability to track, search and record, your social content may just a bunch of 'pretty pictures'. Let us show you how to turn those pretty pictures into verified marketing assets.

You threw an event last night and want to see all the content created by your guests - and then invite some of them to your next party? Or maybe you gifted some influencers a new product and want to see how many and which of them are already talking about it - including how many people they are reaching with each mention? Or maybe you just want to know which influencers are already loyal fans of your brand - and have tagged you in a post recently?

The Fohr Card Search now does all of this for you: Besides improvements in accuracy, reliability, speed and user experience, we've added brand-new features to our Search to make your search as effective and intuitive as possible.

Here's how it works: Just like with the previous version of Fohr Card Search, you can look up any keyword that comes to mind - your brand name, your social handle, a specific hashtag, a product category, or any random term, really. Our search engine then scans all of Fohr Card's influencer content for that keyword within your preferred time frame and pulls up a manageable grid sorted by either highest impressions or most recency - a.k.a. all your beautiful content from across the Internet - in one place.

So far, so good - but let's have a look at what's new:

1) Tags

Yes, we're really excited about this, too. Because instead of only looking for mentions of a keyword in the content caption, the new Fohr Card Search also scans all tags on an Instagram, which are usually only visible when clicking on the content. Why that's great? It's a more authentic way to sponsor posts - but still just as easy to track.

2) Post details

Want to know what exactly the influencer thinks about your brand? One click on one of the thumbnails shows you where and when it was posted, what the caption says and which other handles were mentioned or tagged. The best part? You don't even have to leave the Fohr Card Search page. 

3) Post statistics

Along with the post details, we've included the statistics of the post, such as likes, comments and reach. This is what takes your 'pretty pictures' and turns them into marketing assets that are verified and trackable: Fohr Card Search shows you exactly how many people you've reached with a specific post and how many of those people felt strongly enough about it to engage - which brings us to ...

4) Post Engagement 💃

This update is so exciting, it deserves the dancing woman emoji: Fohr Card Search now automatically calculates the post engagement, which is the rate of engagements to the audience reached, for every single piece of content. This allows you to see just how well any single post performed and to compare the performance of different types of posts to get insights for your next sponsorship.

5) Performance summary

Farewell, Excel! Fohr Card Search now compiles search results in performance summaries including overall stats, top influencers by impressions, top platforms by impressions and total posts per platform. Want to know who your most loyal fan is? Or what platform your brand performs best on? This new feature allows you to see all results at one glance, so you can see performance trends right as they are happening.

6) Actions

Like what you see? The new Fohr Card Search now lets you message, favorite and add the influencer to a list immediately - and without any extra steps to the Fohr Card Directory or an influencer's profile. Someone got a great shot at your last event? Make sure to put them on the list for your next one - right in Fohr Card Search.

As you can see, there are a lot of exciting new tools to discover. We'll leave you to it - and your own search fo(h)r excellence.

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