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December 7, 2014
Last updated on
December 13, 2021

Lately we've been realising that a lot of our clients don’t really know about one of our favourite features on Fohr Card, Lists. Keeping a handle on over 3,500 influencers/creatives/bloggers can be tricky, so we are constantly creating lists internally. Our clients report that their teams are up to 15 x faster at executing influencer collaborations, largely due to Lists. 

We create lists:

  • to keep track of people as we discover them around general themes or aesthetics (e.g. urban clean, edgy girls, bloggers with kids)
  • when we’re hosting an event and want to be able to quickly export a long list of email addresses
  • when we’re putting together a campaign and playing around with different ways to get to an impression target
  • when one team member wants to put together recommendations for someone else to review

    It’s super simple:

 Create a list and add as few or as little people to it as you like


Once you’ve added the bloggers/influencers that you want to work with, view them all from your email’s drop down menu in the top right corner

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 4.39-2.jpg

Lists automatically updates total reach and segments it by platform, which can help you understand potential coverage or ROI of any event or activation 

Need to mass mail or add influencer numbers to a report? Export your list to a .csv so you don’t have to create one yourself

Because our system pulls in fresh verified stats every night at midnight, you can rest assured your lists will always be up to date and you’ll never have to update a spreadsheet again. It will save you hours of time, and allow you to focus on strategy and creative, rather than admin.

With Lists you can: 

  • be sure all stats are up to date since midnight last night
  • create as many as you like
  • share them between user accounts so your team can collaborate
  • automatically calculate total reach and platform breakdown
  • export at any time

Also remember to use Search if you want to find people based on a keyword. Let us know what you’ve been working on, we always love hearing about amazing work happening through Fohr Card and produce a report whenever you need it. 

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