Introducing New Stats and Stories for Follower Testimonials

October 2, 2019
Last updated on
January 7, 2022

By Angela Dizon

At the start of summer, we released Follower Testimonials: a revolutionary way for influencers on to receive firsthand testimonials from their audiences, and for potential brand partners to view that information. Since launch, thousands of influencers have rallied their communities to leave them testimonials – and they have stacked up thousands. (We even started a leaderboard to keep track of them all!) Now, we’re thrilled to introduce even more features that will help influencers leverage their testimonials for potential brand collaborations, and help brands to understand influencers’ impact beyond just their feed.

Exclusive statistics about audiences—from audiences

We are excited to be the only platform asking followers directly to share information about how they’ve been influenced. Using unique testimonials submitted for each influencer, we compile the data to see what categories they’re influential in, what percentage of their followers have purchased a product after seeing a post, and how often that happens. Now, you can see this information all at glance.                    


Highlight the best (and sweetest) testimonials

Now and then, influencers receive a testimonial that makes all of the hard work and chaos associated with their jobs feel worth it. Influencers can show off those special testimonials by setting them as ‘featured’ on their Fohr profile, so brands using can see them on their page.                    


Some examples of feature-worthy testimonials for influencers on Fohr:

  • Compelling reasons recounting why your audience follows you
  • Glowing endorsements of your expert product recommendations and advice
  • Anything you’ve read that is now irrevocably close to your heart

Clicking on each testimonial expands it to show the full copy, and you can click on ‘View All’ to see all the testimonials that were left on your page. Both influencers and brands can download all testimonials into a CSV to help them digest the data, share it and identify trends in an organized way.


Better ways to share it all

Influencers can download each individual testimonial as an Instagram Story by clicking “Download” under the Testimonials tab to generate frames that look like this: 


Testimonials were initially created to remain anonymous, but we figured if someone is leaving a glowing review, they might want their name on it. Those people now have the option to include their handles on testimonials they submit moving forward. If someone includes their handle when leaving a testimonial, influencers have the ability to tag them when they share their downloadable Instagram Story frame. Not to worry, secret admirers: anyone who submitted testimonials before today will remain anonymous, and you can still omit your handle should you choose.

Influencers—to help you stay on top of it all, we’ll send you email updates any week that you receive testimonials. Be sure you’re subscribed to product updates under the Settings tab on your Fohr profile.

Any questions? Feel free to contact Otherwise, you can get started by logging into Fohr and playing around with all the new features.

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