Fohr Advisory Board

June 30, 2020
Last updated on
December 14, 2021

On June 11, 2020 we committed to a series of steps towards building a better Fohr. One of those steps was to form a paid advisory board of Black industry professionals to help hold us accountable as we progress. Scroll down to meet the team.

Archel's Official Photo.jpg
Archel Bernard Founder, Bombchel

“So much depends on this being a movement and not just a moment. I am proud to work with Fohr because I believe together we can set the standard. The critical role of Black voices cannot be overstated, and I’m excited to sit at the table with them as we take deliberate steps to break down racial inequalities.”

— Archel Bernard

Justin Bridges Fashion Photographer and Founder of Freelance Kills

“Throughout my career, I’ve walked in the direction of learning and have tried my best to volunteer as a voice of support and encouragement when I repay those lessons of experience. I’m incredibly excited to be able to lend my honesty, perspective, and out-of-the-box thinking as an advisory board member at Fohr. I believe their commitment is aligned with my own - to ensure an ecosystem of equality and equity among Fohr’s constituents and clients; as well as promoting sustainable change wherever we fall short in that mission. I look forward to working with my fellow board members, Fohr’s executive team, and its stakeholders to realize an evolution that guarantees everyone is valued fairly regardless of race, sexuality, or gender.”

— Justin Bridges

Ernest James Founder & Chief Management Officer, Noire Management

“I am a firm believer that I can’t flip any table that I am not at, and by joining Fohr’s Diversity Advisory Board, I look forward to championing a change of narrative as it relates to representation and compensation, internally and externally across the influencer, ambassador and like-minded media and marketing industries. I do not take for granted the opportunity to hold those that control the industry accountable for their actions and laid out promises of a fair and just system moving forward. We’ve waited long enough and it’s about time we FINALLY get this right!”

— Ernest James

Donye Taylor CEO, The Digital Footprint

“I’m so honored and elated to be a part of the Fohr Advisory Board. During my time on the board, I will make it a priority to be an advocate & amplifier for Black creators and influencers. It is my hope that my contributions to the board will assist in leveling the playing field and circulate more dollars throughout the Black community. ”

— Donye Taylor

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