Five tips for convincing your company to cover your conference ticket

May 22, 2019
Last updated on
December 13, 2021


The influencer marketing space is relatively new and there are few resources to help you navigate it. That’s what inspired us to spearhead our conference series back in 2017. Our sixth conference, Fohr U: Innovation Lab, is scheduled for next month. There, we’re looking at the influencer space in a way we haven’t before: through innovative storytelling and from experts in fields tangential to ours. After years of building technology and running campaigns, we have the perspective to take insight from fields as disparate as real estate and photography and translate them to actionable marketing strategies.

Whether your company has a conference budget or you’re trying to convince them on Fohr U: Innovation Lab, we have you covered. Here are a few reasons you can pitch your boss or manager:

1. This isn’t like other marketing conferences (or really any other conference).

We’ve been there, done that. With five influencer and brand conferences under out belt, we’re trying something different and refreshing. We want to get out of our influencer marketing bubbles and hear how experts from other industries tell stories. Our hope is that this insight inspires us to revamp our influencer marketing techniques.

After all, influencer marketing is a rapidly changing space. What might be applicable today may not be tomorrow, so it’s important to maintain a few guiding principles. With sessions covering an expansive range of topics, we hope to give you the push you need to move the industry forward.

Plus, we don’t record the talks, so attending in person is the only way you’ll see or hear them.

2. It’s a rare opportunity to meet leaders and peers in our small, burgeoning industry.

Think about it: it’s not everyday you’re at an event with nearly everyone in your field. It’s rare that you can talk to them in a relaxed, no pressure setting. That’s why, to help attendees get acquainted and to solidify any contacts they make, we’re hosting two happy hours: one the night before the conference and one at the end of conference day. There’s also additional networking time in between sessions so you can have on-the-spot, insightful conversations about the presentations and panels.

3. Emphasize the value this would bring to your company. There are small workshops tailored specifically to each attendee’s campaign needs and budget.

Most conferences don’t have the capacity to engage with attendees as individuals with different priorities and interests. Since we cap this event at 100 people, we’re able to do just that. Our small group workshops, led by top players in the space (a.k.a Fohr team members), are designed to be tactile and will get getting into the practical, actionable advice for influencer campaigns.

4. Specify which parts of the conference schedule (and which of the speakers) most interest you.

This goes hand-in hand with finding something valuable for the company. Find the sessions that best align with your brand’s goals. Talk to your manager not only about their benefits, but the pros to building a relationship with certain keynote speakers, panelists, or workshop leaders. (Pro tip: on conference day, write down any insight that sparks a lightbulb above your head. Think about how you can implement them in your company’s day-to-day. Managers will appreciate the ROI.)

5. Come up for an offsite plan when they inevitably say yes.

There are few people as convincing as someone ready and confident with a plan. Having a plan lets your team know that you’ve thought things through and that the office will be functional during your day offsite. While we don’t know the specifics of your day-to-day, but we have a few details that can help you plan. The ever-chic Crosby Street Hotel has complimentary wifi, so you can check in with your team during our breaks between sessions. There’s also plenty of seating and break time in between sessions so you don’t have to rush. The best part? You get to come in the next day with new, innovative ways to impact your influencer marketing efforts.

Bonus tip: Spend your summer Fridays with Fohr!

It can be a struggle to get work done on Fridays, especially during the summer. Make the day easier on yourself (and way more fun) by joining us in New York City. Our pre-conference Happy Hour will be at our new HQ on the Lower East Side and all conference day festivities will be at SoHo’s chicest hotel, the Crosby Street Hotel. Ultimately, you can impress your boss by going to this conference and learning outside of the office. If you think about it, it’s a two in one: all work and all play.

Is your boss convinced? You can purchase tickets here.

Use code FOHRSALE48 to get $200 off through May 23. If you’re a client, email for the client discount.

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