My First Sponsored Post with Erika Fox

January 28, 2019
Last updated on
December 13, 2021

This is the second in a series called “My First Sponsored Post” where we ask influencers to talk about their earliest brand collaboration. Back in 2013, Erika Fox @retroflame was a student who had just created her first sponsored piece of content. We asked her about it below.

When was it?
I did my very first sponsored blog post in 2013.

What was it?
It was a photoshoot which I then shared on my blog through 3 different posts. 


Outfit One (above)


Outfit Two (above)


Outfit Three (above)

What brand was it for?
The brand was which I loved back then. I wore it all the time as I was a student and it was very affordable.

How much were you paid?
I think I was paid €500 (+ 3 outfits gifted) at the time which I was SO happy with.

How did you initially feel about this post?
So so excited! I just couldn't believe I was getting a fee for doing this—as well as FREE clothes!

Do you like this post today?
Honestly, I couldn't see myself wearing any of these three outfits today but I'm still so proud of it. It's amazing to recognize the journey that I've been on since then.

What advice do you have (if any) to make this post better?
Maybe a little more copy. 

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