Community Report - September 2021

September 29, 2021
Last updated on
December 21, 2021

To our community, 

As we transition into autumn and wave goodbye to a summer well spent, we want to reflect on our Q3 initiatives, plus where we’re headed for Q4. We are pleased to share with you this report highlighting Fohr community updates and our ongoing diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

Community Updates:

Fohr Gratis

We've kicked off onboarding with our selected brands for Fohr Gratis, Topicals, Twelve AM, and Mented. In these sessions, our VP of Strategy, Customer Success Lead, and Junior Creative Strategist have connected with these brands to understand their goals, capacity, current influencer struggles, and define their influencer archetype/s. These sessions have been a mixture of Fohr self-serve platform and live strategic discussions, depending on the brands' needs. Fohr has provided Groups of tailored recommendations as part of the offered monthly account management, and launched a Bulletin that yielded 60+ responses from influencers raising their hand to work with the brand. Twelve AM has recently launched their AMP page, so if you're an influencer who loves fashion, we encourage you to apply to work with them.


In Q3, we continued to host weekly open chats through our club on Clubhouse: Fohr Conversations. Our objective on Clubhouse is to give our influencer community the opportunity to engage in conversation with us and to build connections with each other. Moderators regularly include members of the Fohr team and special guests have included influencers and industry experts.

We've hosted these Casual Conversations on Clubhouse every week, including topics such as Influencer Pitch Email Best Practices, Influencer Instagram Giveaway Tips, Influencer Exclusivity & Usage Rates, Using Your Influence for Impact, Instagram and Brand Partnerships in 2021, and more. Join us on Clubhouse.  

Fohr Your Inbox

Our weekly newsletter for influencers highlights industry news and community updates. We know that while influencers are busy building brands and engaging with their communities, dozens of articles on the future of this industry, and their revenue potential, are published. We hope that Fohr Your Inbox will be a valuable resource to help them keep their finger on the pulse. Sign up for Fohr Your Inbox. 

Fohr Community Facebook Group

Since starting our Fohr Community Facebook group over a year ago, we’ve grown to nearly 2,000 members and have continued hosting a monthly education series on matters important to our influencer community. Join the Fohr Community on Facebook.

Recent education topics included:

  • July
    Pitching and Prepping for Major Life Events 
  • August
    Knowing Your Worth - Pricing Influencers in 2021
  • September
    Seasonal Planning - Holiday 2021 

Fohr Team Initiatives

Latinx / Hispanic Heritage Month

At Fohr, we want to continue learning about the communities we are engaging with and the influencers we are creating long-lasting relationships with. Like other months of observance, Hispanic Heritage Month is being thrust into the national spotlight with a steady flow of marketing campaigns that are well intended, but sometimes end up falling short of the message. It’s important to realize that the diverse Latinx community is not one homogeneous group, and is comprised of a multitude of rich cultures and histories. 

Our internal team kicked off Hispanic Heritage Month to celebrate the history, culture, and influence of those who come from Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central, and South America. This included a shared detailed history of the month’s observance, a list of events and opportunities to learn more, spotlights on celebrated individuals in the community like Jorge Ramos and Celia Cruz, plus ways to donate.

In Q4, the Fohr team will also host an event with guest speaker Janel Martinez to speak on Diversity within the Latinx/Hispanic/Afro Latino community and within the workplace.

Fohr will also be hosting a Food Fohr Thought talk featuring influencer coach and Latina CEO of Influence with Impact, Lisette Calveiro. Lisette will be speaking to the team about 5 Trends Impacting the Influencer Space. She will also address how brands can prioritize inclusivity while avoiding exploiting identity - especially during important cultural moments like Hispanic Heritage Month.

Fohr Practices Mindfulness

What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique. Our internal team met to discuss what it is, why it’s important, and how to practice during a busy workday with helpful resources. 

Fohr HotToks Series

The most successful influencer content on TikTok uses popular trends, formats, and filters to tell the brand's story. At Fohr, we aim to stay on top of these trends and share with our internal team to understand the value of each of them. Check out our HotToks here.

Here are a few trends of note:

  • LatinxCreated: September is Hispanic Heritage Month. Creators on TikTok have been using the platform to educate their audiences on Latin culture, music, and etc. 
  • #DeafAwareness: Millions of people are using TikTok to raise awareness for the lived experiences of individuals with disabilities. Content should be created so that everyone can understand and/or be involved. Marketers should prioritize campaigns that include text overlay, ASL, and more.     
Data taken from June 13, 2021 - September 12, 2021, in percentages
Campaign Contracts by Race
Campaign Contracts by Race


Data taken from June 13, 2021 - September 12, 2021, in percentages
Fohr Internal Culture by Race


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