4 Tips to Help Influencers Avoid Burnout this Holiday Season

November 1, 2021
Last updated on
December 13, 2021

It's difficult to turn down money and opportunities as they come knocking. Still, there are good reasons to be selective. We offer four tips to consider and to help you avoid burnout during the busiest season of the year: the holidays.

Supply & Demand in the Influencer Marketing Industry

Supply and demand are the cornerstones of every market, every economy. Influencer marketing is no different.

The Demand Side: There is always potential in this influencer marketing space to have a demand-side failure. Brands could say they're no longer that interested in influencer's sponsored posts. If the price is too high, the posts aren't as effective as they used to be, or a shiny new thing comes out that is more interesting; all these are threats to the influencer marketing industry.

The Supply Side: If the space is too saturated, demand will go down. However, this is what influencers have more control over. Luckily, brands are continuing to increase their budgets and continuing to invest more in influencer marketing. The demand is increasing, especially during the holiday season.

Let's talk about how you as an influencer can control the supply side and avoid burnout this holiday season.

1. Scarcity Creates Interest

It's important, especially during the holidays, to create some scarcity. Creating scarcity allows that asset to become more valuable.

Ferraris are more expensive than Hondas because they cost a lot more to make, but also because there's a lot less of them. - James Nord, A Drink with James, Ep. 163

It's important to help brands understand that more is not always better.

It's very easy to get trapped into the mindset that because you have the time, you need to be creating more content. Setting clear boundaries for your scheduling will increase the value of your posts.

Lisette Calveiro on Avoiding Burnout During the Holidays

2. Consider Sponsored Rate

We’re all familiar with ad fatigue, even if we aren’t actively aware of it. It’s that point in an ad’s lifetime where you’ve seen it so many times it becomes less effective with each view.  In the same vein, it's important to be aware of the overabundance of sponsored content on your feed, and the impact on trust, engagement, and effectiveness.

Let's crunch numbers for a minute.

Game of Thrones was on television for six seasons. At 73 total episodes, that's over 62 hours of content. The show averaged 17.4m viewers per episode at its peak. That's some binge-able content.

Now imagine that those 17.4m viewers had to sit through advertisements for 31 of those 62 hours, or 50% of the time. Would you continue to tune in?

If you wouldn't watch GOT if it was 50% ads, then how can an influencer expect their audience to stay engaged if their feed is 50% sponsored?

FOHR'S EXPERT TIP: As a rule, we believe 25% is a healthy percentage of the feed to be sponsored.

3. Cut Off Proposals at a Reasonable Time

We asked influencers for our 2021 Fohr the Holidays Report when they make their cut-off for brands during the holiday season.

  • 8% of respondents say they cut off proposals from brands in Early-Mid October to leave enough time to shoot content.
  • 34% say they cut off proposals from brands in Late October as they release their gift guides in early November.
  • 48% of influencers say they cut off proposals from brands in Early November to coincide with Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

At the end of the day, you want longer-term campaigns and ample time to create the best content.

Donye Taylor Quote on Perfect Content

4. Take a Holiday!

Leave room to enjoy the holidays, because you deserve one, too. We recognize that your role as an entrepreneur is a 24/7 job. Make sure to set clear boundaries for yourself, your schedule, your partnerships, and even your audience.

Don't know how to say no or set boundaries? Approach each conversation the same way that you do to your followers, with honesty and transparency.

Fohr Instagram Post on World Mental Health Day

Want to hear more insights from fellow influencers, explore holiday plays, and expert tips from our team? Download our 2021 Fohr the Holidays Report.

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